Badminton is one of the Philippines' favourite sports. Thankfully, we have all the tools we need to play the game. Find out more about badminton equipment here.


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Badminton – the sport all Filipinos love!

the Philippines is well-known for sports throughout the world. Among the many sports that Filipinos love (and are good at), is badminton. Much like other racket sports, the beauty of badminton as a sport is the ability to fine-tune your reflexes. With one eye on the ball (or shuttlecock in this case), each player shuffles across the court, perspiring, and ready in a heartbeat to smash that shuttlecock to the ground. But what makes badminton such an exciting and addictive sport?

Let’s look at some reason why the sport of badminton is popular in the Philippines.

It takes two to tango

Unlike many other team sports, the sport of badminton requires a minimum of two players. This makes it amazingly easy for one to play the sport. Simply find a partner, find an available badminton court and start playing. We can also add up to 4 people playing at one-go! Once you have your badminton partner, you might get addicted to playing badminton every day.

Bad weather? No worries!

As badminton is an indoor sport, it isn’t affected by the weather. Be it raining, sunny, windy or gloomy weather outside, you know the game will go on. You will need to find an open court though. Thankfully, Philippines has so many courts available for badminton. Badminton courts are also cheap to rent. As compared to other sports such as futsal, badminton courts are only a fraction of the price!

A full-body workout

For those of us who love working out, we may not be into team sports per say due to the lack of movement. In badminton, movement is key. You will find yourself running from one corner of the court to the other in no time. When keeping score, the game becomes intense, so much so, you have to literally be on your tip-toes. This bouncy movement keeps your feet light while building calf muscles. All the while, your hands are focused on the movements of the shuttlecock. The combination of this amounts to a full-body workout.

Boosts eye-hand coordination

One of the biggest benefits of badminton as a sport is the encouragement of eye-hand coordination. In daily life, we need conduct tasks that require enormous amounts of eye-hand coordination, such as driving and house chores. Playing badminton influences our eye-hand coordination in a way that we may not understand. Thanks to the rapid movement and quick-reflexed action that you have to keep up with, your eye-hand coordination is boosted up to epic proportions. You will find daily tasks immensely easy to keep up with.

To play the sport, you won’t need much. All you need is a partner, a racket, a set of shuttlecocks and a sporting attitude. Look out for badminton shoes in the Philippines too before going for a match. Go on and grab a partner, find a court and get your game on!