How to select the right racquet

There are many factors to consider when you purchase a new tennis racquet. This is because; the different characteristics of a racquet can affect a player’s performance. So whether if you would like to upgrade from your current racquet or maybe you are seeking more power, control, comfort or a combination of all three, here are a few tips to select the right racquet.


If you have just started picking up tennis, it is essential to equip yourself with a tennis racquet in the power department. What this means is that the racquets are stiff and are designed for people with shorter swings, in particular, beginners. These types of racquets will help improve a person’s swings in terms of strength and generally measure between 27 and 29 inches long. Moreover, the oversized heads of the racquet can vastly help a beginner improve as it has larger sweet spots.

Intermediate to advance

The more experienced a player is the more control they have over their tennis racquets. The best kinds of racquets for them are the player’s racquets which have id-sized heads, roughly 80 to 105 inch in size. For a player who packs a lot of power in their swings, a racquet with a heavier weight is preferable as it absorbs more shock.

Types of tennis racquets

Power tennis racquets

This category of racquets helps players hit the ball more aggressively with less effort. As mentioned above, these types of tennis racquets are often recommended to be used for the beginners who are yet to develop the proper technique, form, and skill to produce their own power. Not only are these type of racquets recommended for beginners, it is also suitable for smaller-sized players, who lack upper-body strength. The common characteristics of the racquet consist of an oversized head, large in length, stiff frame, and lighter construction.

Control tennis racquets

These types of racquets are the total opposite of the power tennis racquet as it forgoes much of the power generated in exchange for control and the ability to place the ball more precisely. However, it is important that the player has developed the necessary skills to generate their own power. The common characteristics of this racquet include a smaller head, a shorter length, flexible frame, and heavier construction.

Tweener tennis racquets

As the name suggests, this type of racquets are for the players who fall somewhere in between the power and control racquets. They are a blend of features from the categories either side of them. Consequently, they tend to be great all-around racquets that are commonly used by recreational players, beginners, and younger players. The common characteristics of this racquet are the mid-sized head, mid-sized length, semi-stiff, and mid-weight construction.

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