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Racquet Sports

When you are playing tennis or badminton, we often forget about how racket can begin and end the game. Read about the amazing rackets here.

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Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet (4-1/4)
₱ 23,334.00

The Pure Aero is the perfect stick for power baseline players who want the most ball speed and spin they can get with maximum stability. An updated paint job will let your opponents know you re using the latest in Babolat Aero technology. Power baseline players will continue to love the Pure Aero like they have for years. Revolutionized with the latest in Babolat technology, the Pure Aero builds on the popularity of the Aeropro Drive, which has been one of the most popular racquets in the world for several years. The latest version gets an update to its AeroModular "wing" shaft design, called AeroModular2, making the AeroPro series one of the fastest frames around. Woofer grommets with this new technology have been moved to the mid-section of the frame making it even more aerodynamic while also making for increased ball pocketing and trampoline effect. The Cortex system has been updated with the introduction of AeroModular2, now putting the Cortex inside the frame. This update, while still maintains its playing characteristics which, dampens "bad" vibrations while allowing the player to have maximum ball feel. A strong swingweight allows for maximum "plow through" from the baseline and uninhibited power. The last update to the new Pure Aero is the addition of Frame String Interaction (FSI) Technology. The Pure Aero has an updated version of this technology called FSI Spin, which has a more open weave in the string bed, as well as oblong grommets for enhanced string movement. Length: 27 Inches Head Size: 645 cm/ 100 Inches Weight:280 g/9.9 oz Balance: 4 Pts HL Cross Section: 23-26 mm Type of Swing: Moderate to Full String Tension: 55-65 String Pattern: 16x19 Stiffness: 72 RA Composition: 100% Graphite Grip: Syntec Pro Grip Part # 101255

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Head MX Fire Racquetball Racquet

Available in Galleon ₱ 6,528.00 Go to Shop

Rackets - Your Trusted Weapons In Your Path To Glory

In the court, the two opposing players clash as their skills, training and stamina will be put to the test, not to mention their chosen weapons, rackets. Technically, the racket is equally as important as your skill, training and stamina because such instrument should be able to reflect your disposition in the battlefield or in our case, the court. A lot of players did not realize that the selection of racket is also crucial because victory will be just a swing away when you armed with a proper racket. A proper racket will enable you to perform exceptionally well as it elevates your skill and training into higher level. In your path to glorious victory, it has been said that your racket can decide the beginning and end of your game.

Top Brands That You Should Know When Choosing Your Badminton Racket

Li-Ning: Being recognized as one of top manufacturers in the badminton racket, Li-Ning builds solid rackets that are durable and powerful at the same time. The Li-Ning Woods N90 badminton racket is impressive as it is designed for flexibility. In addition, this Li-Ning badminton racket is being praised for being steady when you swing it.
Yonex: One of the leading sport equipment manufacturers in the world, Yonex has the experience in making high quality sport equipment. It also manufactures some of the best badmintion rackets in the market. Among its extensive range of badminton rackets, the Yonex Duora series proves to be popular.

The Yonex Duora 10 LCW is being regarded as the pinnacle of badminton innovation. In fact, the Yonex Duora 10 LCW is named after one of the greatest badminton players in the world, Lee Chong Wei. Designed to accommodate the Lee Chong Wei's playstyle, this badminton racket boasts the revolutionary Dynamic Dual Design Frame which promises the incredible combination of both power and speed. Its aerodynamic frame allows you to swing with precision while maintaining its balance at the same time.

At the same time, the Yonex Voltric 1 Lin Dan is another great design from Yonex as it features the signature Yonex Tri-Voltage System that enables you to deliver powerful yet stable shots in the court. While such quality really benefits those that just start learning the badminton, one should not be that dismissive of its capability as even profesional can take advantage of it. This is because this racket design is well-suited for those that play aggressively like Lin Dan; overwhelming power and speed like a real blitzkrieg or lightning warfare.

Top Tennis Racket Brands That You Should Know

Dunlop: Providing numerous products in the world of tennis rackets, Dunlop has been consistent when it comes to delivering reliable tennis rackets. The Dunlop Biomimetic S8.0 tennis racket is pretty amazing because it allows unmatched speed and performance at the same time. In addition, this Dunlop tennis racket enables you to control the court with improved precision and power.
Wilson: Having a long history of making high quality sport equipment that goes back as early as 1913, Wilson produces great sporting gear that can make the difference between victory and defeat. This is not an exaggeration because Wilson tennis rackets are being regarded as one of the finest in the world. One of them is the amazing Wilson Ultra 97 that boasts excellent grip and you can easily swing it without feeling draggy. Not just that, many players find it surprising that this racket is all-rounder as it provides the combination of power and control.

Rising Above The Challenges With Your Trusted Rackets

After selecting the racket that suits you well, you can now unleash your potential fully in the battlefield. After all, your chosen racket will be your instrument that will accompany your from one court to another. Thanks to various technologies contained in just a single racket, you will find that it will be easier to execute your tactical manuver or deliver accurate shot in a calculated manner. As there are many tools that are designed to enable you to perform well in sports, you should take a look at the latest collection of sports equipment for your extra preparation.