We often hear of phrases such as “time is money” and “time and tide wait for no man” signifying the importance of time, reminding us not to waste it nonchalantly. An effective way to keep track of time is by investing in a good wristwatch. A good wristwatch not only provides accurate timekeeping but also serves as a brilliant statement on a men’s sense of style. Rado Philippines provides premium wristwatches that serve both purposes for its wearers. Find out more about Rado Philippines premium watch collections below.


A Guide to Different Wristwatches from Rado Philippines

Nowadays, wristwatches are not just timepieces that you can wear around your wrist to tell you time conveniently, but many regard them as a fashion statement as well, especially for men. Unlike women, men do not have many jewelry options to accessorize their bases outfit with, which is why a watch can be used to convey your taste and sense of style. Your watch selection will determine the impression that you want to portray to others – from sporty to professional to classy, as different watches give off their distinct vibes. Rado Philippines provides premium watches to Filipinos who desires to own watches that are effortlessly stylish but functional as well. Below is a guide of watches that are manufactured by Rado Philippines for its Filipino consumers.

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches, also known as self-winding watches, are one of the most popular mechanical timepieces in these modern times. Automatic watches today do not require the wearer to manually wind the watch to the exact time, as they use the natural motion of the wearer’s arm to turn a rotor that in turn winds the watch’s mainspring. A fully wound wristwatch can store enough energy for it to run for two days – even through the night or while the watch is stationary. Hence, top quality automatic watches in the market today are able to run indefinitely without the need for batteries.

Rado Philippines has a wide range of automatic watches for you to choose from, which will make your peers envious for its intricate designs and classy style. Not only that, Rado Philippines’ automatic watches are extremely accurate and reliable, meaning that you can keep track of the time accurately, indirectly increasing your productivity as you perform your daily routines.

Chronograph Watches

One of the most frequent and popular watch compilation is the chronograph – a stopwatch function that is added to the timepiece. A chronograph is typically controlled by a start/stop button and a reset button. Hence, most watches that have the chronograph features have small subdials incorporated in the main dial. These subdials keep track of seconds, minutes, or hours of the stopwatch.

A chronograph watch is a sports enthusiast’s ideal companion, as it is useful especially for events that require accurate time recording such as motorsports racing, tennis, or any other sporting events. Tennis star and Rado ambassador Agnieszka Radwanska and other rising tennis stars entrust Rado Philippines to provide precision timekeeping. Rado Philippines has a variety of chronograph watches for you to choose from to add a touch of class to your style profile. If you are looking for a stylish watch that will stand the test of time, the Hyperchrome Chronograph series from Rado Philippines is a great option. As long as people continue to time and measure events, then there will be a need for chronograph watches so there is a low possibility of chronograph watches running out of fashion.

Quartz Watches

One of the most common technologies featured in today’s wristwatch is quartz technology. Quartz technology is favoured amongst watch aficionados for its accuracy and consistency. The secret behind the accuracy of quartz watches is having a tiny piece of quartz crystal to oscillate at 32,000 vibrations per second, missing out on only a few seconds a month.

The history of quartz watches is a short one compared to many other types of watches, only dating back to 1928 when scientists realized that a vibrating quartz crystal provides a very precise way to regulate clocks. Quartz watches have been heralded as saviours of the watchmaking industry, as its accuracy in keeping time coupled with its inexpensive price tag meant that anyone could own a high-quality watch without paying a hefty price.

Another benefit that quartz watches possess is that they do not require manual winding. Moreover, the batteries only need to be replaced once every one to two years. Rado Philippines’ Coupole Classic Quartz series is the perfect wristwatch that combines style with functionality, a must-have timepiece for today’s modern men.

Get Your Top Quality Premium Watches from Rado Philippines Online

Rado Philippines brings the best of Swiss watchmaking to Filipinos with their collection of masterfully-crafted watches. Although Rado Philippines’ watches are primarily targeted towards men, but they also have unique collections for women as well that are equally stylish and functional. You can now purchase Rado watches at best prices online from Lazada Philippines, Qoo10, and Style Tribute.