Ray Ban is a world renowned eye-wear brand that continues to take the fashion world by storm, mostly known for its designer Wayfarer and Aviator style of sunglasses and representing over seventy years of authentic style in sunglasses, Ray Ban has left a permanent mark that cannot be erased when it comes to the world of eye-wear. Have a look at their products below.


How Ray-Ban Philippines took over the world

Believe it or not, before Ray-Ban became an icon in the American fashion industry, it was specially designed for pilots who suffered from headaches and nausea when flying high altitudes due to the intense amount of glare. Created by Bausch & Lomb, on May 7, the very first sunglass to infuse an anti-glare lens with an extremely lightweight gold plated metal frame with two green lenses that block out the harmful rays of the sun which is now more commonly known as the Aviator Glasses was a huge hit among the U.S. Army Air Corps pilots. And when Ray-Ban created hard plastic frame called the Ray-Ban Wayfarer in 1952, Ray-Ban became a part of the American fashion scene and popular culture.

Ray-Ban was generally marketed to men but the sleek and shiny design that seemed to complement any face shape was a huge appeal among the ladies. And when Audrey Hepburn’s iconic character, Holly Golighty literally never took her Wayfarers off in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, everyone, from Presidents to movie stars to jocks and geeks wanted a pair of this ideal sunglasses. Shockingly, there was also a downtime for this amazing brand, but thanks to Tom Cruise who looked extra dashing in his classic Wayfarer in the 1983 ‘Risky Business’, Ray-Bans was the cool thing again and to this very day, with the brands ability to stay true to its classic nature yet evolve with time, there's no stopping Ray Ban's from taking over the industry.

The best Ray-Bans Philippines for your face

Have you ever wasted your time, money and effort looking for the perfect sunglasses that would suit the shape of your face? Since there are like a plethora of different styles and shapes out there, finding the perfect one can be quite a pain. But no worries, we are here to take that worries away. Here are some tips on how you can shop for the perfect pair of shades no matter if your face is round, oblong, oval, square or heart-shaped.

Round Face
The basic rule is to find a frame that is wider than your face. The larger the better. You need to stay away from round frames and opt for angular shapes like square and rectangular frames that would be the perfect fit. Wayfarer frames with bold prints and colors hold a unisex appeal and highlight the best part of your face.
Oblong Face
You need to balance your face with width, so choose sunglasses that don’t extent beyond the widest part of your head. You worst enemy will be anything that is too angular, for it might just jut out at the edge. Oval and oversized frames you’re your ultimate best friends and Aviators with gradient lenses and metal framework keeps things casual and defines those beautiful cheekbones. Look for anything that is oversized for the perfect sleek vibe.
Oval Face
You my friend should count your lucky stars for you have the shape that goes with any style. You can experiment with the latest looks of the wayfarer that is updated with an array of colors and printed frames. If you are looking at accentuating your cheekbones, opt for a large frame. Metal framework will soften your look and details on the arm of your shades will pull your temples out.
Square Face
If you have a strong jawline with wide cheekbones, then you should certainly look out for rounded or aviator shaped frames. Oversized shades, or anything that is larger than life with strong detailing will complement your own defined framework. If you are looking for an ultra-feminine look, search for the butterfly framed shades that are oversized and glamorous. And for a masculine look, your wingman will be the metal framework with dark lenses.
Heart Shaped Face
A sharp, pointed chin with wide cheekbones and forehead goes perfectly with anything that screams quirky and retro like rectangular or ‘cat-eyed’ sunglasses. You need to look for a pair that angles outwards and upwards, widening your face to balance that sexy jawline. You don’t want to look like a grasshopper so keep your choice of frame as small as possible.

Ray-Ban take over Hollywood

Compared to other brands, Ray-Bans have become a must-have in the movie industry. When it comes to shades and protecting the actor’s eye, nothing says cool like a pair of Ray-Bans. Some of their most popular movies where Ray-Ban practically had its own character include:

Body of Lies-
Leonardo DiCaprio in Ray-Ban Aviators
Ben Affleck in Ray-Ban Olympians
Dark Knight
Batman in 3324 Aviators
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Brad Pitt in 3025 Aviators
Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. in Aviators
Men in Black
Will Smith in Predator 2’s

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