Razer's been in the gaming peripheral field for quite a while - and anyone who is into gaming will tell you that Razer makes one of the best mice and keyboards in the world. From their best-selling gaming mouse, the ergonomic Deathadder, to their mechanical gaming keyboard, the Blackwidow, Razer's products are always ready to stand by you while you win your games.


Top RAZER Price List 2021

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Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 ₱ 504.00 Shopee
Razer DeathAdder Chroma ₱ 1,099.00 Shopee
Razer Blade Pro 17 ₱ 143,370.00 Galleon
Razer Blade Stealth ₱ 85,576.44 Amazon
Razer BlackWidow Chroma ₱ 5,040.00 LazMall by Lazada
Razer Blade 2.6GHz i7-4720HQ 14-inch ₱ 140,000.00 Shopee
Razer Viper ₱ 1,332.00 Shopee
Razer Hammerhead V2 ₱ 2,490.00 Shopee
Razer Blade 15 ₱ 92,544.00 Amazon
Razer Phone 2 ₱ 59,599.00 Galleon
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Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

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Snake Through the Competition with Razer Philippines Gaming Peripherals

Ask any professional or hardcore gamers that you know about Razer - go ahead, try. They'll most likely identify it as one of the top brands for gaming-grade peripherals. Want a gaming mouse? Go Razer. Keyboard? Razer gaming keyboard.

Established in 1998 in San Diego, California by two friends, Min-Liang Tan (he's from Singapore!) and Robert "Razer-guy" Krakoff, the company with its iconic green three-headed snake logo has a dream to bring superior computer peripherals to the masses whether for gaming or for the person who just wants something extra out of their mice and keyboards.

As Razer grew larger in their dominance of the gaming market, they have evolved into somewhat of a gaming lifestyle brand - marketing their products to demographics of all ages, game systems, consoles, and genre. What makes Razer's products tick well is also because they often think of products that are different - and they use a lot of the feedback they receive from the best eSports athletes with constant research and development. To support all the hardware that they make as well, Razer has their device driver and utility software called the Razer Synapse, which is required to bring out all the features of a Razer peripheral.

Razer's product line has also widened a lot from the original mouse and keyboard - they now even produce audio peripherals, controllers, motion sensing controllers, mousepads - even laptops and an Android TV box! Recently they have also made a 'Chroma' line of peripherals that have a built-in light that can project 16.5 million different shades of colors in whatever effects the user prefers.

Razer Mice - your decision, and your precision

Razer is no stranger to the world of mice - and no, we are not talking about the little rodents. These are computer mice, but for Razer, these are gaming-grade mice. When Razer started in 1998, they were aiming to develop and sell a high-end gaming mouse, the Boomslang, with a DPI count of 2000. For the uninformed, DPI stands for dots-per-inch, which is the measurement of how much your mouse has to move in relative to the movement of the pointer icon in the computer.

From the Boomslang onwards, Razer would continue to develop a number of different mice, including their first optical mouse, the Razer Viper - alongside their first gaming mouse pad designed for optical mice, the Razer eXactMat, which had two surfaces; one for a smoother glide, Speed; and the other for a rougher and slower glide, Control.

So why Razer mice?

After being in the industry of gaming mice for several years, Razer released what would become their best selling mouse until today, the Razer Deathadder.

The Razer Deathadder is a very widely accepted mouse because of its strong focus on ergonomics (it seriously is very comfortable, try it!), making it the world's first ergonomic mouse. Their mice also have a strong focus on speed and reliability in the form of its hyper-response buttons and 10 million click-life cycles. They are also one of the world's first pioneers for mice with higher DPIs, enabling gamers to be even more precise than ever when gaming.

From the Deathadder, Razer also made the world's first gaming mouse for left-handers, the DeathAdder Left Hand Edition - which Razer claims to be selling each at a loss, just to please their fans and to meet the demands of the gamers.

Razer's mouse lineup thus far:

  • Abyssus
  • DeathAdder
  • Taipan
  • Krait
  • Orochi
  • Ouroboros
  • Mamba
  • Diamondback
  • Naga

You can check out more Razer mice and their prices at iprice's shopping gallery.

Razer Keyboard, your control center for fragging

Razer actually entered into the keyboard field much later into the game, it was about the same as when they released the Razer Deathadder that they put out their first gaming keyboard: the Razer Tarantula. A membrane dome keyboard, it featured 10 extra macro keys and onboard memory storage of 32kb so that key profiles could be saved. It also had features such as pass-through audio and USB ports, as well as a proprietary 'Battledock' where gamers could plug in attachments such as a light to illuminate the keyboard or a webcam.

Razer would then release several other keyboards, two of which gained a lot of attention for their uniqueness: The Razer Deathstalker Ultimate, a unique keyboard with their special Switchblade UI; and the Razer Blackwidow, the world's first gaming mechanical keyboard.

What makes their keyboards so special?

Glad you asked. Razer's goal is always to make gaming special, to make gaming accurate, to make gaming awesome. Their keyboards feature anti-ghosting keys, so all your presses are registered; they also feature fully-programmable macro keys for all your complex combos in a single press; and they are also the world's first in making a gaming mechanical keyboard with a focus on shorter key-presses so your actions are projected in game much, much faster.

Although they may have a few keyboards in their line up, each one is packed full of features. Here is the current Razer keyboard line up:

  • Blackwidow
  • Deathstalker
  • Anansi
  • Orbweaver keypad
  • Tartarus keypad

Razer audio, because every footstep and grenade pin fall matters to the ears

What gaming gear would be complete without something as important as earphones and headphones to give you that sense of immersion and depth when you are busy getting into the game. Razer's first headphone was the Razer Piranha - or rather, a gaming communicator as Razer would put it. Like their other products, there's always one release that would stand the test of time and become everyone's favourite choice; for the audio part of Razer, it would the Razer Kraken headphones.

The Razer Kraken headphones were also designed ergonomically for maximum comfort and great sound, and they are also foldable for portability and storage. Razer also has some speaker setups in form of their now discontinue Razer Mako and the current Razer Leviathan soundbar and Razer Ferox portable speakers.

Their headphones and audio are all fine tuned to make sure that every sound in the game is heard loud and clear, from the booming bass to the crystal clear highs, Razer's audio products don't miss a beat, literally. Flanked with Dolby Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, you are sure to be fully immersed in your game - that sound you heard in the corner of your room wasn't from your room, it's in the game - now get back to it!

The products of Razer audio include the following:

  • Kraken
  • Tiamat
  • Blackshark
  • Adaro Series
  • Chimaera
  • Hammerhead
  • Leviathan
  • Ferox
  • Seiren Pro

Razer gaming systems

As of recent times, Razer has not only been pumping out great mice and keyboard, but they have also released their own line of - once again the world's first - slimmest gaming laptops in the world, the Razer Blade, a 14" laptop. It is no thicker than a coin - imagine that, and paired with its sleek looks, the Razer Blade is certainly a looker. But looks isn't everything, as the Razer blade packs a mean set of specifications under its sexy looks. The Razer Blade Pro is a larger screen model with 17" and packing its touchscreen Switchblade UI that is similar to the one used in their gaming keyboard line. The Razer Blade, with its advance design, high performing specifications, and that beautiful - just so beautiful QHD display, its bound to take you breath away - and your opponent's as they cower away from its glowing three-snake logo.

Razer also has an Android TV box called the Razer Forge TV. The device enables users to videos, browse the web, and also play Android games all on the big screen while using Razer's own Serval Android gaming controller.

What are you waiting for? Go and check out all the awesome Razer gaming gear now!