When it comes to having an active lifestyle, there’s no brand to turn to than Reebok Philippines. With a wide array of products including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories, Reebok lives up to its name as one of the best sports brands in the market in terms of quality and design. Check out our selection of Reebok shoes online or click here to read more about Reebok.


An Active Lifestyle with Reebok Shoes

When brothers Jeff and Joe Foster, inherited their grandfather’s shoe business in 1958, they renamed the company “Reebok” from a South African dictionary in reference to a gazelle called “Rhebok”. Continuing their grandfather’s pursuit for the best athletic, hand-made shoe, the brothers featured their new line of sports shoes in an international trade fair where they met Paul Fireman. Being an American sporting goods distributor, Paul saw the brand’s unique design and asked for a distributing license to expose Reebok to the American market, to which the brother’s agreed. In a span of 3 years, Reebok earned more than $1.5 million from track shoes in the American market alone and became the go-to brand for athletic and streetwear in the 80s. Today, the brand is now among the most well-recognized shoe brands around the world, giving the best footwear for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Best Reebok Shoes that you should have

For more than 55 years, the brand has been a great choice for many athletes and sneaker-holics around the globe. Whether you’re a gym buff or a fashionista, here are some of the best Reebok sneakers for both men and women that you should look into:

  • Reebok Zigtech Big N' Tough
  • Reebok Freestyle Hi Spirit
  • Reebok ZCut TR
  • Reebok Cardio Ultra
  • Reebok One Cushion 2.0

Reebok Philippines and CrossFit

While the brand has shoe models for almost all major sports, Reebok Philippines is most commonly popular in CrossFit and CrossFit events. CrossFit is a new fitness trend that utilizes whole body workouts, rigorous training, and discipline to hone ones strength. In the Philippines, CrossFit is considered as both a hobby and a workout, being the exercise of choice for many local celebrities. The brand is so big in CrossFit that it sponsors major CrossFit events and athletes. Because of Reebok’s strong and durable construction, the shoe can withstand pressure and act as support for the wearer when undergoing CrossFit training. In addition, Reebok sports shoes are also lightweight and flexible, to cope up with all the stress of a whole body workout.

Celebrities spotted with Reebok

Reebok is a great brand supported by many celebrities including rapper Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Swizz Beats, Chris Brown, Jay Z, Tyga, singer Nicole Scherzinger, Brandy, Queen Beyonce. Athletes that have attained celebrity status are also big fans of the brand including, Michael Chang, Basketball stars John Paxson, Horace Grant, and Shaquille O’Neal.

If you are an active and adventurous or a sneaker-loving fashionista, Reebok shoes would be a perfect addition to your closet. With a knack for durability, design, and a wide array of colorways to choose from, you would surely love to shop for Reebok shoes online. You can also take a look at other brands available on our website including Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, New Balance, and so much more!