Regatta is a family owned outdoor clothing business, and they have stayed that way from the start until now. This has allowed them to keep their strong passion of the outdoors alive, and they share that passion through the expressions of their clothing line. Click here!


iPrice Philippines - Regatta Clothing

iPrice Philippines - The Regal Regatta history

The Regatta outdoor company is a family-owned company began in 1981 with twelve persons as its founding members. Since its inception, the company has always been owned and operated by the Black Family. Its headquarters are currently located at Trafford Park Manchester. The twelve members had a vision about the free outdoors, and our capabilities to be explorers. The Regatta company then produced their outdoor clothing to fulfill that vision: Making outdoor clothing that are affordable and reliable.

Following their vision, Regatta aims to encourage people to explore the outdoors and enjoy the fresh airs and natural sights. Each of their employee shares this very same passion with Regatta to ensure everyone who appreciates the outdoor will share it as well.

Their outdoor clothing are mainly targeted towards the leisure wear market, their clothing include outdoor orientated clothing such as jackets and hoodies.

iPrice Philippines - Regatta Clothing

Regatta produces and sells clothing that caters to very different markets and categories such as men, women, and boys and girls for their children line. Besides their outdoor clothing however, they also produce and sell outdoor footwear and rucksacks.

Regatta generally has four different outdoor clothing ranges across their categories of clothing:

  • Point 214: The serious Regatta outdoor clothing and gear range is the Point 214. This range of clothing are meant for those who are seriously taking it to the hills and off trails. Each Regatta product in this range also comes with their patented Isotex 15000 waterproof technology, keeping you dry on the inside in diverse weather conditions.
  • Adventure Tech: Adventure Tech is for those who want great protection and functionality in their outdoor clothing, as well as stylish and sporty looks. The looks and functionality of this range of outdoor clothing is not only suitable for the great outdoors, but also for the urban adventure in the city.
  • Outdoor Classics: This range of clothing are, as it is named, the classics of Regatta outdoor clothing. This range of clothing is filled with clothing products of great value that keep you dry and comfortable from the environment no matter what your activity is., walking the dog or a long walk through the country side.
  • Wildshores: Regatta's Wildshore range of outdoor clothing is the very line that captures the core of relaxation and comfort that one could picture as a leisurely stroll in a cooling summer breeze or at the beachside. Regatta's Wildshore outdoor clothing is both stylish and functional, suitable.

iPrice Philippines - Regatta Jackets

Regatta jackets are all designed to be very stylish, no matter where and how you wear them – but unlike other brands of jackets where they look good and have not much functions, Regatta's jackets are functional, such as pockets on the body, or high quality lining to keep you warm from colder weathers.

iPrice Philippines - Regatta Fleece & Hoodies

A wide range of Regatta fleece and hoodies in many different colors gives people a choice and sense of style that suits them. Regatta fleece and hoodies come in many different styles as well, such as those that zips down all the way, or those that zips down halfway – whatever your style may be, Regatta has got a design for you.

If you want to get some outdoor clothing, the Regatta brand is a good and reliable one for it. They look incredible stylish as well, so you don't have to worry about looking bad when you are out with Regatta clothing.