If you're looking for a phone case and screen protector that will literally withstand a very strong impact, RhinoShield Philippines is the brand of phone accessories that is guaranteed to deliver just that. They have integrated the best materials and technology in the world into their RhinoShield Crash Guards and Screens, which are unparalleled in terms of protective functions to date. Learn more about their product right here!


Rhino Shield Philippines: Impact Resistant Smartphones

RhinoShield Philippines is brand smartphone case and accessory brand that is a subsidiary of a UK based tech company the Evolutive Labs. The company that brought the Rhino Shield products to life is basically a start-up company that came to prominence with the aid of a Kickstarter campaign that funded their first tech invention which is the Rhino Shield screen protector. Their first ever product was highly patronized by consumers during its first launch via Kickstarter, which eventually led to the continuous production of their screen protectors and paved the way for smartphone products that incorporated their innovative techs.

Humble Beginnings

Eric Wang, the found of Evolutive Labs is a Ph. D. candidate in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He designed the Rhino Shield because many of his friends were accidentally breaking the screens of their smartphones and tablets. Since he was the only nerdy student that his friends know, he was asked if he knows any solution or has any ideas how to prevent the glass screen of their phones from shattering. Since that concern was basically the field of his study, without second thoughts he went ahead and created a solution – the Rhino Shield Screen Protector.

Physics at Work

According to Wang, the science behind his invention, the impact-resisting screen, all boils down to a simple physics equation: Pressure = force/ area. Basically, the main idea is to reduce the force in every part of the surface area by putting together dumping and dispersion layers. In effect, it will lessen the altitude of the force against any objects.

Why Rhino Shield?

Shock Proof

Rhinoshield screen protectors can absorb 5x more force from impacts than the market’s most robust screen which is the Gorilla Glass 3.

Crystal Clear and Thin

Their screen protectors are very thin and transparent, which also boasts a high clarity. It’s just 0.029cm, which is as thin a three sheet of papers.


The Rhinoshield Screen Protector has a specialized coating that embellishes it with the strong surface, which prevents the screen from direct scratches that damage it. The coating is highly efficient in protecting the screen from coins, pens, keys, and even cat scratches.


Another coating technology present in Rhinoshield screens is the oleophobic coating technology. It keeps the screen free from smudges brought about by fingerprints, while at the same time remaining its surface’s smoothness. It repels oil and fingerprints, while at the same time providing a silky smooth feel that far more superior than others.

Rhino Shield Crash Guard

With RhinoShield’s success in making one of the sturdiest smartphone screens in the world, they were able to expand their products category from screen protectors to smartphone cases and bumper cases which are named as Rhino Shield Crash Case.

This product is a case that is designed to protect the smartphone’s body without giving it a bulky feel. The Rhino Shield technology is basically lying underneath the case’s protective nature with the aid of cutting edge material and groundbreaking science. Its features include the following:

  • A bumper that is slim enough to provide a lighter feel, and slim enough to incorporate groundbreaking technology to boost its protective feature.
  • It has a 360 high impact protection which is powered by Eggdrop Technology.
  • The texture of the material is Matte, in order to provide an easy grip to its users.
  • Highly compatible with any cables and headphones.
  • Provides an easy access to the phone’s buttons.

Eggdrop Technology

A phone case feature that boasts unparalleled protection against shocks and impact; it’s the only technology that could absorb an impact from an 11 feet fall. The Eggdrop technology is integrated into the Rhinoshield Crash Guard – a bumper case from RhinoShield that’s designed to provide the strongest smartphone protection in the world.

Eggdrop Technology Formula

The science behind the Eggdrop technology isn’t as simple as it may seem. It’s a combination of different textile technology that was studied in-depth and perfected

Custom Formulated Polymer

Evolutive labs created a customized polymer blend that is suitable for the protective capacity of their bumpers but at the same time resilient enough to provide the smartphone a close to nothing additional bulkiness. This technology provides 90% more impact absorption capability than the regular polymer material.

Protective Honeycomb Structure

The structure of the bumper cases is engineered with precision to add an additional 10% to 15% overall impact absorbency.

Airbag Dispersion Compartments

The Honeycomb structure of the cases have compartments of pressurized air that will deflect the force from impact by acting as macroscopic airbags.

With the success that Rhinoshield has shown through the efficiency of the protection that their products provide, it is without a doubt that they are the best manufacturer of smartphone protective accessories in the world.