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Rinnai RI-712A Gas Stove ₱ 4,250.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-522E Gas Stove ₱ 2,975.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-712BGX Gas Stove ₱ 4,590.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-522SC Sun Burner Gas Stove ₱ 1,890.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-602A Inner Burner Gas Stove ₱ 3,145.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-513E Gas Stove ₱ 3,570.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-602AG Gas Stove ₱ 3,130.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-522AT Gas Stove ₱ 3,060.00 Shopee
Rinnai RI-522C Gas Stove ₱ 2,890.00 Shopee
Rinnai Ri-522E Double Burner Gas Stove ₱ 2,975.00 Shopee
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Rinnai RI-712A Gas Stove

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Rinnai Philippines: Simply Smart Experience

As one of the world's largest brands that provides gas appliances, Rinnai also boasts an impressive amount of household products. Thanks to its history of spearheading certain innovative solutions, Rinnai is able to make its presence known globally. As a result, Rinnai now possesses 20 subsidiaries and 86 sales offices in 13 countries. Such is the power of innovation and creativity displayed by Rinnai in all of its products that enable people to recognize its values and benefits. Combined with its own unwavering focus in maintaining the quality despite expanding, this means that Rinnai products are built to the highest standard as Rinnai refuses to compromise on quality. This explains its growing popularity when people begin to acknowledge how Rinnai products are able to change their lives while educating them on values of promoting sustainability. At the end of day, Rinnai simply just wants to offer everyone an opportunity to enjoy the smarter way of living, a lifestyle that benefits everyone and environment.

Rinnai Philippines: Discover Its History & Heritage Of Providing Solutions

Hailing from Japan, Rinnai produces high performance and energy efficient household appliances such as gas ovens, gas heaters, tankless water heaters, boilers and others. Boasting nearly 100 years of innovation, Rinnai continues its glorious legacy of providing home solutions that enhance the quality of life. Established since 1920 by Hidejiro Naito and Kenkichi Hayashi, Rinnai initially produced a variety of gas appliances that include tabletop stoves, gas ovens and gas ranges. Back then, Rinnai also did manufacture the crucial aircraft parts during its supervision by the army. After the war has ended, Rinnai resumed its usual production of gas appliances in a newly reconstructed factory. In 1958, Rinnai was able to form a technological tie-up with Schwank GmbH, a reputable German company. Such pact proved to be beneficial in the long run as it has provided Rinnai a stronger impetus in working towards its vision of providing solutions that transform lives.

Throughout the decades, Rinnai has been hitting the headlines due to its innovative household products that redefine how we live. In 1984, Rinnai received Ota Prize from Japan Gas Association for the success of making a hot water heating unit that has a safety mechanism to prevent incomplete combustion. In the next two years, Rinnai developed an ultra compact hot water heating unit that eventually garnered awards such as Excellent Technology Prize from Japan Gas Association and Chunichi Industrial Technology Award as well. In 2000, Rinnai was awarded Energy Conservation Award from Ministry of International Trade and Industry for its highly efficient condensing type gas hot water appliances. Accumulating several awards for designing and developing highly innovative products that promote sustainable solutions to the environment and community, Rinnai proves to be one of the few brands in the world that is serious about preserving the environment and promoting its sustainability.

Rinnai Philippines: Striving To Make The World A Better Place

Offering Sustainable Choices: Believing that highly advanced products can make the real difference in improving our lives, Rinnai is devoted in developing the necessary technology and know-how in order to design and manufacture them. In fact, Rinnai has gone so far as to rethink about obtaining heat from gas. Thanks to its efforts, Rinnai is able to craft incredible products that can help you to consume less energy while create less waste at the same time. Improving the combustion in terms of efficiency and cleanliness, Rinnai continues to enhance its gas appliances to be more friendly to environment. Clearly, you can find these awesome features that offer sustainable outcomes in all of its products. Now, you can have better sustainable choices that improve the lives of many around you as well as the environment that you are living. Buying and using Rinnai products are the most ecologically sound thing to do!
Simply Reliable: In Rinnai, reliability is just another word for being committed to excellence. Although Rinnai manufactured its products with the latest production technology available, it still believes in putting them on live trial before selling them to the customers. That is why Rinnai makes sure that there will be extensive inspection and testing of its products before shipping them. As a result, you will be getting a Rinnai product that is simply reliable as it lasts longer than any of its peers in the market. Such reliability is the outcome of combining superior designs and superior manufacturing practices together. In other words, you do not have to worry much about replacing your product because Rinnai is less prone to breakdown as well as boasting durable materials that ensure safety and protection for yourself and the product itself. Not only that, you will have much comfort and joy when you are using Rinnai products. What a peaceful moment when you experience the smarter kind of comfort and convenience that none other brands can give.

Signature Rinnai Philippines Home Appliances That Will Transform Your Home

Rinnai Water Heater: Boasting sleek design, the Rinnai Ore series is one of the latest Rinnai water heater series that can completely change the way you live. Featuring the highly advanced brushless DCC motor technology, this product will ensure that you will enjoy your own quiet, contemplative shower as its performance is quiet yet smooth. Furthermore, it is said that Rinnai Ore series is able to save up to 50% energy when compared to the usual AC pump. Due to lack of carbon brush, this Rinnai water heater is actually maintenance free and this means that you do not need to feel worry about when you should maintain the product. Built to be environment friendly, Rinnai Ore series boasts longer lifespan due to its tough materials and superior protection system. Hailed as the first illuminated water heater, Rinnai Ore series looks sophisticated with its own glowing lights and indicators that are not useful but also suitable to be complementing your interior design.
Rinnai Gas Appliances: From the usual table top cooker to the advanced built in gas hob, Rinnai once again proves that it is one of the masters when it comes to manufacturing gas appliances. Thanks to its reliability and great protection, Rinnai gas appliances are some of the most popular gas appliances in the market. Enjoy the lasting peace of mind when you are cooking with Rinnai gas appliances. With such understanding about internal combustion, Rinnai also designs its gas appliances to be more efficient while providing more power at the same time. Now, you get to save more money from spending too much on your gas bills.

Empower Your Home With The Latest Innovations From Rinnai Philippines

Rinnai wants you to make the smarter choice of empowering your home with its smarter solutions. Its products essentially improve your lifestyle as they simply give you the means to live better than ever before. Designed to augment your home experience, Rinnai home & living products are the stuffs that you check out when you want to build a smarter home.