Whether if you use your smartphone for the sole purpose of entertainment or to keep in touch with your loved ones, everybody needs it in their life. Depending on the battery life of your smartphone, it is always good to have a backup charger in cases of emergency and you can only get the best power banks at the best price with Romoss Philippines. Check out here for more information.

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10 important things to look out for when purchasing a power bank

A portable power bank is a must-have when you travel a lot. This is because; there will not always be an available power outlet for you to charge your electronics. You may opt to carry extra batteries for your devices; however, it is not a practical method. Here are 10 important things to look out for when you purchase a power bank.


Firstly, it is always better to determine the amount of usage needed for your devices. A low capacity power bank is suitable for smaller devices like smartphones and iPods. On the other hand, a higher capacity power bank is suitable for laptops, cameras, iPods, etc. Capacity is usually measured through milliampere-hour or short formed as mAH. So the higher the mAH, the higher the capacity. If it is required of you to charge more than one device, it is best to choose the power bank with more capacity as it means more durability.


Depending on your daily lifestyle it is always important to choose a suitable power bank size. For someone who likes carrying their smartphones in their pockets, it would be quite discomforting to choose a large power bank. In spite of your choices, it is always recommended to pick one that can be handheld or fit right in your pocket.


At times, a power bank may look small in size but weigh a ton. Yet again, weight is important as you do not need the extra burden of carrying a heavy power bank especially if you prefer travelling light. The suitable weight range for a power bank should be between 200 to 300 grams.

USB charger

Most recent power bank models will have the feature of a built-in USB charging cable. It is preferable to get it with this feature as it makes charging a whole lot efficient and can be simply folded into the power bank after using it. The power bank that comes with a separate cable still very much functions the same way except that there are higher chances of misplacing the cable or leaving it at home.

Price & Quality

Another key thing you should look out for is the price and quality of the power bank as it will help you make a rational decision that will make your purchase final. Avoid buying a portable power bank that does not come with the basic features such as short circuit, overcharging protection, and temperature protection.


Many people choose to purchase a power bank as it is portable. Sure you can always buy cheap ones with a bigger capacity, but chances are your devices will not charge properly or worst, break down on you. It is not recommended to purchase the cheapest option of power banks because you get what you pay for. Look for a power bank with a mid-range to upper range price as it is certain that you do not have to sacrifice quality.

Charging Time

It is a no brainer that power banks with a higher capacity will take a longer time to charge themselves. This problem, however, can be overcome by picking the right power banks which support fast charging or QuickCharge. A 10000mAH power bank is possible to be fully charged in just under 4 hours as it supports fast charging or QuickCharge. Vice versa, the power bank should be able to charge your electronic devices as quickly as well. This is because; there is no point in carrying a power bank around if it does not charge your devices efficiently.

Safety Measures

Never try to overlook safety measures especially if the product can potentially blow up in your face. Nowadays, power banks that are high in quality come with security measures like short circuit protection, over-charge, and over-discharge protection. It is best not to ignore this particular feature when making your purchase.

LED indicator

Every power bank needs to at least have an indicator to inform the users about the remaining charge left on the power bank. It is because you will most likely lose track and end up carrying a power bank with no power inside. Most power banks have built-in four LED lights.

Power Rating

This is an important feature to look out for if you are a frequent flyer as several CAA do not allow power banks with more than 100-watt hour (WA) on the flight. Always check it to make sure that is rated less than that.

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