It is wonderful to see how a magical genre such as Sailor Moon emerges to transform the whole world in its entirety. Thanks to Sailor Moon, magical moments matter like never before. With tons of Sailor Moon products, Sailor Moon just keeps on expanding into many different areas. Read more about Sailor Moon Philippines below to find out.


Amazing Sailor Moon Products for Sailor Moon Fans

From the popular manga and anime series, Sailor Moon emerges as one of the most iconic and successful shows in the whole world. Possessing a powerful influence that lasts to this day, the whole Sailor Moon series has been expanded into various areas such as light novels, collectable trading card game, action figures, musical theatre productions, video games, soundtracks and much more. In a simpler term, the Sailor Moon continues to expand and exude a lasting impression on the world's popular culture.

Since there are lots of Sailor Moon products in the market, it is normal that you do not know where to start your collection. Thankfully, there is a simple guide which will help you to collect some of the most popular Sailor Moon products so that your collection will be complete with their presence. Hence, these are the amazing Sailor Moon products that you must get as Sailor Moon fans.

Sailor Moon Crystal Mascot Plushie Charm Set

One of the well-known toy brands, Banpresto, has unleashed its adorable Sailor Moon Crystal mascot plushie charm sets. Generally, they are available in sets of three. In Japan, they are usually the crane game prizes that you get from winning at the machines in the arcade. The first set includes Sailor Moon (with a Cosmic Heart Compact), Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars. As for the second set, it includes Princess Serenity, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. All of them come with ball chains so that you can hang them anywhere without much trouble at all.

Measuring at about 11cm tall, these beautiful Sailor Moon Crystal mascot plushie charm set are well-crafted accessories. In terms of design, they look really impressive. Most importantly, they are also small enough to be cute and adorable additions to your growing Sailor Moon collection.

Sailor Moon Macaron Mascot Charm Pouches

The famous Sekiguchi brand continues its amazing Sailor Moon line with some Sailor Moon Senshi Macaron mascot charm pouches that look lovely indeed. Despite their name that says charms, these Sailor Moon pouches resemble more like little round zipper pouches. Since macaroons are regarded as delicious and cute at the same time, they are certainly one of the most wonderful designs that you can collect as a Sailor Moon fan.

Based on the famous fiveSenshi outfits, these gorgeous pouches represent each iconic character from the Sailor Moon series. Besides, they also come with chains so that you will be able to hook them anywhere in order to carry small items such as coins and others. Practically, they are very useful when it comes to keeping even the smallest piece of jewellery safe. As for their inside lining, they are made with satin fabric in the matching Senshi colors. Regarding their front bows, you can always remove them and you can pin them anywhere that you like.

Sailor Moon Figures Excellent Model Series

For Sailor Moon fans, they really love the Sailor Moon Figures Excellent Model Series because they boast the most accurate figures in the history of Sailor Moon products. As a matter of fact, they are also highly detailed as they exhibit such incredible level of craftsmanship that you will not be able to find on other Sailor Moon figures. Aptly named, they are very excellent in all aspects. These Sailor Moon figures stand at 19 inches tall and all of them simply look amazing. In terms of a paint job and the artwork, they are stunning indeed.

Fascinatingly, each of them comes with a gorgeous gold card which states the number of the model, a wand, and a stand. What is even more impressive is that each box also features a chibi manga drawing of the scout and Naoko's signature. Hence, every Sailor Moon fan needs to get the Sailor Moon Figures Excellent Model Series as part of the collection because it will be incomplete without them.

Sailor Moon SMW Chibi Figures

At 1 inch tall, the Sailor Moon SMW Chibi figures are really cute for their size. Incredibly, all of them possess great build quality, lovely paint jobs, and highly detailed bodies. Thanks to their chibi appearance, they are awesome additions for especially any adoring Sailor Moon fan who enjoy chibi Sailor Moon figures. Not only that, you can display them proudly in your marvelous collection.

Creer Beauty Miracle Romance Series

The proud Creer Beauty now adds Sailor Moon lipsticks to its Miracle Romance series. Amazingly, this impressive Miracle Romance series now boasts four inner Senshi Transformation Pens in different shades aside from rereleasing the popular Sailor Moon Disguise Pen Makeup Moisture Rouge lipstick. The Sailor Mercury's shade uses a cool pink tone that is so natural that you can always wear it in casual or business dress. In other words, you can enjoy wearing it wherever you go. All of these inner Senshi lipsticks measure around 13cm long x 3.9cm x 2cm. In addition, they have been formulated with squalene, hyaluronic acid, macadamia seed oil, and sunflower seed oil.

As for the Sailor Mars' shade, it is a vibrant and glossy red tone that is best described as an eye-catching color that draws attention from others. In fact, it has been said as perfect for your sexy look. Another one is the Sailor Venus' shade which is a fresh orange shade that offers you the bright and energetic vibe. Next, you have Sailor Jupiter's shade that truly complements your skin tone with its nude beige pink tone. Finally, the main character herself, the Sailor Moon's shade uses shocking pink tone to channel that adorable vibe that is reminiscent of Usagi.