Leather bags and shoes are one of the best investments you could ever make, especially if you are always on the go. One of the most well-recognized shoe and bag brands is Salvatore Ferragamo. Originating from Italy, Salvatorre brings on the best on the table when it comes to leather bags, shoes, wallets, accessories and even fragrances. Many celebrities also patronize the brand, not only in the Philippines but also from around the world. Take a look at the wide array of Salvatore Ferragamo products now available in the Philippines!


Salvatore Ferragamo - Quality and Style in One

From Florence to around the world and now arriving in the Philippines, Salvatore Ferragamo is definitely a first choice when it comes to quality leather products such as leather bags and shoes. Take your time and browse around for your favorites from Salvatore Ferragamo in the Philippines!

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Legacy

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian brand which produces and manufactures luxury products such as leather goods, fashion clothing for men and women, eyewear, timepieces and also specializing in shoes. With the company’s headquarters in Florence, Italy, the company has more than 2,500 employees worldwide in Europe, America and Asia. Founded by Salvatore Ferragamo himself in 1923 when he migrated from Italy to California in 1914, Ferragamo started his business and the brand was initially named Hollywood Boot Shop, making shoes for Hollywood stars like Gloria Swanson and Joan Crawford.

Four years later, he returned to Italy and set up a shoe shop which was officially named “Salvatore Ferragamo”. During the great depression in 1933, Ferragamo declared bankruptcy but shortly after five years, he was in place to buy one of the greatest places in Italy, the Palazzo Spini Feroni, which is now the company’s flagship store and a museum devoted and dedicated to Ferragamo’s life and work.

Today, Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to bags and shoes. While the company is known for such products, they had also ventured into fragrances, accessories and general leather products for both men and women. The name Salvatore Ferragamo entails good quality, and even greater design for the modern trendsetter.

Facts about Salvatore Ferragamo that every fan should know

You can’t call yourself a fan of Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes and bags if you don’t know at least one of these facts about the brand!

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo is a brand run by the Ferragamo family themselves. Salvatore’s children as well as his wife are all working for the Ferragamo group. His daughters Fiamma and Giovanna works as a clothing designer while one of their siblings, Leonardo handled sportswear. Massimo took over the United States operations and Ferruccio became chief executive while their mother, Wanda oversees the entire operations.
  2. Salvatore Ferragamo is credited for the creation of wedge shoes when Italy closed its doors to trading. Because of insufficient supplies for steel to make heeled shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo experimented on different materials such as Sardinian cork and designed a “block” that would eliminate the space in between the heel and the shoe.
  3. Creativity and inventive spirit does run in the family. Fiamma, one of Salvatore’s daughters, came up with the classic Vara pumps. It is a shoe design that features a calfskin exterior, a stacked heel and a fastened, grosgrain bowtie at the front. Celebrating almost 35 years, the design is a must-have for fashion-conscious ladies and is definitely a classic with famous wearers such as Marilyn Monroe and Olivia Palermo.
  4. Because of the brand’s contribution to shoemaking and general fashion, a museum dedicated to Salvatore’s life and work is erected in Florence, Italy in the famous Palazzo Feroni. If you’re a big fan, include the museum in your travel itinerary to Italy!

Salvatore Ferragamo spotted in Hollywood!

Being one of the most renowned shoe brand in the market, Salvatore Ferragamo had always had followings from celebrities from around the world. Its reputation for manufacturing good quality shoes had taken it for a stroll on one of the most famous hollywood stars, on screen and off screen.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes not only looks amazing on the big screen but also on the streets as well, being a fashionable choice for many popular celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, Hilary Swank, Chris Hemsworth and a whole lot more!

Don’t be left out on the latest trends in fashion. Be your own celebrity and feel more elegant and exquisite with Salvatore Ferragamo’s handbags, shoes, fragrances, jewellery and many accessories! Make your fashion statement a form of investment, especially when it comes to leather bags and shoes. Choose the best products from Salvatore Ferragamo in the Philippines right now!