If you are in need of shoes and have some penny to spare, then invest in a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo and we bet you that would be the best decision you ever took in your life. Know more about how he changed the world of fashion with his shoes here.


Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes: The classiest shoes you ever need

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes: The epitome of style

In the world of fashion, Salvatore Ferragamo is without a doubt amongst the top. This Italian shoemaker holds a notorious position higher than even Gucci or Prada with creations that are sure to be a sweet indulgence as well as a long, profitable investment to your feet. Giving Italian shoes the status that they enjoy today, Salvatore Ferragamo changed the whole shoe industry forever when he introduced a style and elegance which enticed the best dressed in society.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes are based on our foot’s anatomy that considers the distribution of weight equally over the foot. His footwear emphasizes not only the utmost comfort but also offers proper arch support. His love for shoes can be clearly seen in his design and his careful attention to even the smallest details. Stepping into a Ferragamo store is just like visiting a spa, calming and therapeutic but with an added plus point, you leave the store with a pair of shoe that is packed with style, charisma and class.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes: The benchmark of Italian craftsmanship

The very essence of men’s style is based on their appearance – quality-fitting shirt, clean and crumpled-free pants and their overall stance. But no matter the apparel, the specific pair of shoe that he chooses stands as the foundation of his appearance. At Salvatore Ferragamo, all their shoes are provides men with an instant style upgrade.

When you are looking for shoes, no matter what style, the first thing that you should consider must always be the size. Shoes that are not properly fitted would cause discomfort, and you wouldn’t want that, would you? It’s best to try on a few pair of Ferragamo shoes first to see which shoe fits you the best.

Moving on, know what your shoe is for. No matter if you are looking for shoes that would fit with your work apparels or casual shoes, Salvatore Ferragamore offers a wide selection of lace-ups, moccasins, loafers, boots, and sneakers, dress shoes, and the list goes on.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes: The Basic Comparison of different styles

Ferragamo is known for his smart innovations in his designs – the sandals, the lace-ups and using non-traditional materials in creating his footwear. Below, we have made your life easier by comparing the different shoes and when you should use them. You can thank us later!

Lace Up Dress Shoe – Captoe Derby

This type of shoe is perfect for your business trips, professional meet-ups or any formal occasions like weddings or company dinners. Usually worn with suits, tuxedos and even with jeans (for the perfect semi-formal look).

Moccasins and Loafers – Double Gancio Bit Moccasin & Penny Loafer

A piece of footwear that bestrides the two worlds of casual and a more formal style. It can never be categorized as a pair of formal shoes because of its heritage. So, its perfect when you are attending a semi-formal event – outdoor party, garden event or even lunch dates with your higher-ups. Works well with jeans and dress-pants.

Boots – Desert Boots

Perfect footwear for when the temperature starts dropping for the suede would keep your feet warm and cosy. Usually worn with jeans, trousers or any sort of long pants.

Sneakers - Low-Top Sneakers or Slip-on Sneakers

A must have for all you casual souls out there. The perfect pair that immediately highlights the casual vibe in you. Ideal for walking long distance or when you are going to be standing for a long period of time. Style it up with your jeans, shorts, Bermuda, anything!

Now, with Salvatore Ferragamo, you can get ready from head to toe with Salvatore Ferragamo Clothing, Salvatore Ferragamo Jewellery and Salvatore Ferragamo Bags.