Booked your flight tickets for your vacation? Air travel is one of those things in life that will broaden your horizons, so you must learn to enjoy it. To make your trip more enjoyable, you must have a trusty travel companion—a durable luggage bag and Samsonite is the only brand you can place your trust on. With over 100 years of luggage making heritage, Samsonite luggage bags will never fail to assist you in your travels, go and pick your travelling partner at iprice online shop.


Over 100 years of luggage excellence

Started in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, Samsonite is named after an extremely strong religious character named, Samson. An American brand that is known for offering a wide range of suitcases, trolley bags, briefcases, and messenger bags, Samsonite is a name that is no stranger to the world of travelers. Shwayder was inspired to create luggage bags that are made of the best materials that could withstand the unpredictability of travelling.

Travelling back in the olden days were not as easy and accessible like today, not many people are privileged to get a chance to travel far what more to fly in an airplane. Fortunately, with the advances of technology and transportation over the years, travelling has become more accessible. Shwayder saw the booming market for travel luggage so in 1910, he started to make luggage for the young turn-of-the-century travelers.

Samsonite luggage designs were also customer-centered, as the brand strives to uphold its tagline of Life’s a Journey and to make each of its customers’ journey a more pleasant one with Samsonite luggage. Over the years, this pioneer brand has made many firsts along its historical journey like the first matching luggage sets, the first lightweight luggage and the first wheeled suitcases. All were created to improve our travels ahead. Widely acclaimed for its excellent craftsmanship, extremely lightweight and spacious luggage, Samsonite is surely one of the prime choices for suitcases.

The bag that never fails you

As you set out for your memorable journey to the ends of the earth, the one thing that you will never leave behind is your luggage bag. As you stroll around the beautiful cities, explore the deepest jungle or scale the highest mountains, you can always count on your Samsonite luggage bag to never fail you. Just like Santa Claus’s red sack of presents, your luggage is your sack where you can hoard up all your belongings for your special trip, your apparels, your shoes, your accessories, your books, toiletries and other necessities that are important for your journey. For your entire journey to come, you need a bag that will never leave you hanging and Samsonite trolley bags are able to fulfill your travel needs.

Made to last

Samsonite cases are always made to endure the unpredictable conditions in your travels so all bags are brought through multiple tests like the gravity, weight and strength tests to ensure every piece of luggage is the best and that it will help you to conquer the many journeys ahead! As the travel boom begins to spread even wider, Samsonite leads in the luggage making industry with its innovative design concepts, materials and technologies that encompasses the same values on which Samsonite was founded on, that is to create a travel companion that is reliable, stylish, high quality and exceptional craftsmanship. With that being promised, Samsonite offers up to ten years of global warranty for its luggage bags.

Priced at the middle range, Samsonite luggage are commonly used for both personal and business purposes as they are durable and easily found across the globe. In accordance with the evolution of travel bags, from two wheeled to the current eight wheeled bags, the Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner bag is rated as the bag that is over the edge. This is because most wheeled bags do not last after a few journeys but with the high-quality spinner wheels, the Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner are made to withstand longer and are less likely to break even with a full luggage.

Get your Samsonite piece at iprice Philippines

Each bag produced at Samsonite is known for its one of a kind designs that is not only extremely light weight and functional but also trendy and stylish. Being a brand that revolves around quality, each of their products is ensured to be crafted from the best material found. Items available at our iprice online store include, hard and soft luggage, luggage scales, luggage covers, briefcases, backpacks and luggage locks for all your travelling needs. Prices range from between RM 100 to RM 1110, with discounts from 20% onwards. The price may be slightly over the top but your Samsonite bag is your lifetime investment for you never have to worry about missing a wheel or a dented bag before you even start your journey.