Although Samsung might be better known for its smartphones, the South Korean brand is also an industry leader when it comes to home entertainment systems. From televisions to surround sound systems, Samsung has everything you need to convert your living room into a personal home theatre. Find out more about the home entertainment products provided by Samsung Philippines.


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Home Entertainment System Essentials from Samsung Philippines

A home theatre system provides owners with an exciting entertainment experience in the comfort of their own home. There is more to a modern home theatre than a great TV; there are many other devices needed to support it. Samsung is a brand that you can rely on to provide you with all the home entertainment essentials that you require. Amongst the home entertainment system components provided by Samsung include:


The most important element of a home theatre experience is undeniably the viewing quality that it offers. With that said, you will need a reliable television that can deliver you with the viewing experience you would want in your home theatre. Thankfully, Samsung has a wide range of televisions in its inventory for you to choose from. From curved TVs to OLED TVs, these award-winning televisions from Samsung are well-equipped to bring you the ultimate viewing experience. Providing accurate colour reproduction and contrast levels, a Samsung television is a must-have in your living room.

Sound Bars

Samsung also understands that the audio quality plays a big role in creating a wholesome home cinema experience. The image quality can only mean so much when the audio that accompanies it is ill-defined. One of the best ways to match the superior image quality of your home cinema is to complement them with a sound bar. Sound bars from Samsung are equipped with Dolby Atmos technology that enhances the sound quality, making it comparable to what you hear in cinemas.

Sound System

No matter how powerful a sound bar is, it might not necessarily be able to deliver the maximum audio quality that the system can offer. Samsung offers a wide array of sound systems to create rich and powerful audio that feels like it comes from all around.

Samsung understands that some of your living rooms might have limited space in your living room, which is why Samsung’s audio systems feature innovative space-saving designs so that you can fit them into any space effortlessly. With these innovative audio systems, you can get cinema-like sound without leaving your home. Enjoy omnidirectional audio no matter where you are sitting in the living room with surround sound systems from Samsung.

Blu-Ray Players

Providing lush and immersive detail, Ultra-HD movies maximise the potential of your Samsung TV. For your home theatre system to support these high-quality movies, Samsung Blu-ray players are must-have additions to the ensemble. They are specially designed to serve up High Dynamic Range content with expanded colour and contrast.

With a wide selection of home entertainment products, Samsung is your go-to brand if you plan to turn your living room into a cinema. Be warned though, you might not want to leave the home anymore once you have equipped it with Samsung’s home entertainment systems.