Samsung's smartwatches and other smart wearables are great companions to our Samsung smartphones. The Samsung Gear S2 make us look at our phones less by sending notifications to our wrist, along with other information. The Samsung Gear Fit, on the otherhand, can help to track our fitness activity and even coach us on our fitness!

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Samsung Watches

Getting Smart with Samsung Smart Watches

Everyone knows the giant corporation Samsung from Korea. They produce a wide range of electronical products such as household electrical appliances to cars (only in their country!) to their best selling smartphones that are packed full of the latest technologies. With that, it is almost impossible for Samsung to not get themselves invested into the market of smartwatches too.

Smartwatches are a great companion to our smartphones (besides power banks) as they act like a secondary screen of sorts to our smartphones, and of course also as a fully functioning wrist watch. A wrist watch comes with a bevy of features that make it an incredibly beneficial and functional accessory to our daily lives.

A smartwatch or smart wearable can make us look at our smartphones less as we will be able to briefly go over our incoming notifications of emails, messages, and other general alerts for our smartphones. It will also be slightly less rude as it may feel a bit inappropriate to check your smartphones at times, and better when it would seem like you are just glancing at your watch.

Samsung Wearable Lineup

Like their wide range of smartphones, Samsung has several different smartwatches and smart wearables in their product line. Some of these run on the Android Wear operating system, while some run on Samsung's very own Tizen operating system for wearables.

Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Gear S2 comes in two different types: The Samsung Gear S2 and Samsung Gear S2 Classic. The difference between the two smartwatches is pretty much the functional and intended use. The normal Samsung Gear S2 sports a removable rubber strap that is more suitable for those with an active lifestyle who are into sports most of the time. The Gear S2 Classic on the other hand is more suited for the casual and daily watch wear with its leather strap.

The Gear S2 runs on Samsung's very own Tizen wearable operating system which is compatible with most Android smartphones that are running on Android 4.4 or higher. The Gear S2 features a very intuitive form of navigation: through the rotation of bezels of the watch. The rotation lets you scroll through long texts, zooming in and out of maps, and also with music control. Besides that, there is the standard touchscreen as well as a pair of Home and Back buttons.

Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit is not a smartwatch, but more of a smart wearable or fitness band that is designed for those who are constantly active with sports. It comes in three different colored bands which are interchangeable with one another, letting you easily replace it if damaged or just to match your outfit. The time and other information is shown on the crystal clear Super AMOLED touchscreen display. Like the bands, the user interface is customizable with the use of customized themes to match your preferences better.

It does more than just show you your notifications, the Gear Fit lets you keep track of your daily fitness data such as your step count, your heart rate, and distance. There is also an integrated personalized fitness motivator that acts similarly to your very own personal coach., helping you to achieve your fitness goal and monitoring your progress.

Samsung's smartwatches and smart wearables are very elegant, functional, and intuitive. It will not hamper your day to day life, but complement it instead.

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