Being one of the leading sandals and slippers manufacturing companies in the Philippines, Sandugo's mission is to focus and fully commit to the development and sales of sandals and slippers for their customers. Check out Sandugo sandals and slippers that are durable, comfortable, and affordable below.

Sandugo Storm 2 Sandals | Sandugo for Men | Sandugo Sandals Size Chart


Sandugo Outdoor Adventure Sandals and Slippers

Sandugo Storm 2 Sandals

One of Sandugo's best selling adventure sandals, the Sandugo Storm 2 sandals is perfect for adventure and travel use. The Storm 2 sandal is redesigned with optimum traction and grip that prevents you from slipping or falling off easily when trekking or hiking on slippery roads. The Storm 2 sandals are also designed shoe-shaped which will cover the entire foot to prevent any injuries from occurring. Available in four different colours, the Storm 2 Sandals can be purchased online through online merchants like Lazada and Shopee.

Sandugo Tsinelas

If you enjoy wearing flip flops or sandals, the Sandugo Tsinelas sandals are surely the best option for you. Perfect for comfort and casual wear, you can wear sandals almost on every casual occasion be it shopping in the mall, walking around the town, or relaxing at the beach. The Sandugo Tsinelas sandal is tested and tried before selling to provide top-notch and high-quality sandals for

Sandugo for Men

Aside from outdoor footwear products like sandals and flip flops, Sandugo also offers other top-notch products such as clothes, pants, shoes, bags, backpacks, and other accessories in order to provide complementary outdoor items to its customers. Sandugo has a wide range of products, especially for men that are adventurous.

Sandugo Sandals Size Chart

Not sure what's the perfect size to fit on Sandugo sandals? Fret not! You can obtain the right size of Sandugo sandals with Sandugo's sandals size chart.

The sizes of Sandugo slippers and sandals are as follow:

  • US 5 is equivalent to EU 36 and JP 230.
  • US 6 is equivalent to EU 37.5 and JP 240.
  • US 7 is equivalent to EU 39 and JP 250.
  • US 8 is equivalent to EU 40.5 and JP 260.
  • US 9 is equivalent to EU 42 and JP 270.
  • US 10 is equivalent to EU 43.5 and JP 280.
  • US 11 is equivalent to EU 45 and JP 290.
  • US 12 is equivalent to EU 46.5 and JP 300.

Sandugo Equipment

If you're a hiker or trekker lover, you should definitely check out Sandugo's outdoor products and equipment. Other than apparel and footwear, Sandugo also offers outdoor recreation products which can be used for camping, hiking, or trekking activities. The equipment that they offer is camping tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, and tarp shelters. Other equipment and products that the brand offers are camping stoves, electric stoves, and cooksets which can be useful during camping activities.

Where to buy Sandugo products in the Philippines?

If you are interested in purchasing Sandugo products or other outdoor recreation equipment in the Philippines, you can visit any physical stores of Sandugo located across the Philippines. There is a wide array of collections and different products that Sandugo offers in retail stores such as apparel, bags & backpacks, equipment, and accessories. Alternatively, you can also opt for Sandugo's footwear such as shoes, flip flops, and sandals online through online merchants like Lazada and Shopee. Through iPrice Philippines, you can compare the prices of Sandugo products and obtain the best deals for Sandugo products and equipment.