Committed in providing exceptional motorcycle helmet and apparel, Scorpion is the brand that excels in making sure that you have smooth riding experience. Read more about Scorpion Philippines below to find out.

Scorpion Motorcycle Accessories

Scorpion Philippines – Spearheading the Motorcade

As one of the world's leading manufacturer of high performance technical protective motorcycle helmets and apparel, Scorpion is all about delivering its awesome offerings that channel the authentic life of a motorcyclist. Its teams of dedicated designers are committed in supplying premium quality motorcycle helmets and apparel that you can always trust.

From the start to the finish, Scorpion is all about completing the face and ending it with a high note. Similarly, Scorpion wants you to experience the same thing whenever you are riding your motorcycle with its products. Spearheading the motorcade, Scorpion is your trusted buddy in the world of motorcycle apparel. More than just a logo, Scorpion is the brand that offers stylish protection wherever you go.

Riding with Heads High

Representing the next wave of motorcycle helmet and protective gear design, Scorpion manufactures some of the most sought-after helmet products in the market. In this fast-moving industry, Scorpion is always stays at least two steps ahead so that it can be the leading racer in this grand race.

Talking about its center of manufacturing, the Scorpion's Big Nest is the state of the art manufacturing facility that is staffed by 600 skilled technicians. Featuring the highly advanced machinery, this facility is involved in every operation in creating the world-class helmets. Moreover, its designers are some of the finest in their own right as they are dedicated in designing these well-crafted products that offer style and protection at the same time. As Scorpion is so good at its own craft, it is hardly surprising when it emerges as one of the top leading brands in the American market.

When you compare Scorpion with other manufacturers, it stands out from the rest because it is actually involved with creating, designing and developing its own helmets rather than giving out to other vendors in the manufacturing process. In short, Scorpion is proud to be making its own unique products. As for its customers, you will be enjoying your ride in a totally different manner.

Stinging Bite of Awesomeness

Utilizing these five principle in all of its designs, Scorpion aspires to create amazing products that really make the real difference. When you are wearing one of its products, you will be surprised at such huge effort and energy spent into crafting its exceptional designs. Utilizing the latest technology, Scorpion crafts its products so that you will be proud to wear one whenever you are riding. According to Scorpion, following these five principles is vital as it is the secret behind its meteoric rise in the motorcycle industry.

  • Protection
  • Aesthetics
  • Dynamic
  • Comfort
  • Innovation

Popular Scorpion Products that Everyone Love

Scorpion Helmet

Covert Helmet

This versatile 3 in 1 Scorpion Covert helmet is truly radical in its design and feature. Developed to disrupt the norm, this Scorpion helmet can be converted to work with any type of bike. There is also a rear comfort sleeve which enables you to transform the helmet to a ¾ open face while attaching with a more aggressive helmet to achieve the BAMF vibe.

Most importantly, it also comes with retractable tinted sun visor that eases eye strain effortlessly. Regardless of any lighting conditions, you will be able to see well as this Scorpion helmet enjoys EverClear coating for a fog-free ride. In addition, it possesses highly advanced shell design and material which minimizes weight and dispersing impact.

Scorpion Apparel

Phalanx Jacket

Like the ancient phalangite of classical warfare, the Scorpion Phalanx jacket has been designed to protect from abrasion and impact in its classic sport jacket design. Taking inspiration from the Greek military formation, this Scorpion jacket makes you feel like an ancient warrior when wearing it. Incorporating 600 denier water resistant outer shell construction, extra armor in the elbows and shoulders as well as employing the use of reflective areas for increased visibility in low light condition, the Scorpion Phalanx jacket is truly in many ways. With the addition of large zippered exhaust vent, the Scorpion jacket proves to be a great jacket for warmer temperature as it disperses heat more effectively.

Interestingly, it also comes with two external hand pocket and large internal cell phone or media pockets so that you can carry your modern necessities to travel around. Not only that, the Scorpion Phalanx jacket also features large accordion stretch panels on both shoulders and elbows to maximize your comfort and moment. Thanks to its adjustment tabs on the arms and waist, wearing this jacket has been an effortless task.

Channeling Your Strength & Style

Designed to be tough and inspiring at the same time, Scorpion is the undisputed master of merging technology and passion into well-designed products. Placing every attention on every single detail, Scorpion makes sure that you will be getting more than a simple product. In fact, its products allow you to experience your riding without much trouble at all. Hence, Scorpion is your trusted buddy whenever you need a solid yet stylish motorcycle helmet and apparel.