Today, a laptop's built in storage is no longer enough to keep all the files that most people need. Aside from that, for computers to function to its full potential, keeping its internal hard drive stuffed with chunks of files could really get in the way. Seagate External Storage provides a solution to all these storage problems. Click here to know more about them!


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Seagate External Storage Philippines: The Answer To Modern Day Digital Storage Dilemma

Most of the time, a computer’s built in storage is no longer enough to keep all the media files that we want to hoard. In the other cases, there’s always a need for people to carry all of their files around, most especially professionals who are inclined to information technology.

Even for the average users, file sharing has become more demanding in terms of file size. This is due to the rapid development of digital media’s quality and expansion of its overall functionality. A mere flash drive that could carry up to 16GB worth of file is no longer enough to sustain the relentless innovation of digital media today. As such modern day dilemma arises, a new answer surfaces; external hard drives.

Seagate External Storage Philippines: Insufficient Storage Quick Fix

Seagate is a leading brand that manufactures storage solutions suitable for home computers and other digital media devices. They are among the few brands that are centered towards developing external storage devices that enables easy storage and sharing of large files.

Why Seagate External Storage?

An External Storage may seem like a pretty straight forward solution to the modern day storage needs. However, with the computer's relentless development and upgrade, external storage easily becomes outdated as technology quickly undergoes obsolescence. Seagate External Storage is ahead of the game, because it is packed with technology that can easily synchronize data across all devices and all platforms.

Simple add-on storage

The Seagate® Expansion™ External hard drive provides a straight forward and no brainer solution in instantly adding additional storage space to your computer.

    • Simply copy and paste the file from your internal storage to the external hard drive. This can also be done by using the basic “Drag and drop” method, right out of the box
    • USB 3.0 connectivity is the latest hardware in file transfer technology through the Universal Serial Bus. Computers that are equipped with this type of USB port provides a faster exchange of information from one storage to the other. It’s able to serve its purpose when syncing with USB 3.0 ready devices such as Seagate External Storage.

Plug and Play Technology

The external hard drive from Seagate can easily be run on any modern day computer without the need for any software. Simply plug it in on the USB port of the computer and you can instantly enjoy the freedom of having all the storage that you need.


The Seagate External Storage comes with accessories necessary for it to function accordingly. Inside the box that it comes with are the following:

    • Seagate Expansion external hard drive
    • USB 3.0 cable
    • Power adapter
    • Quick start guide

Gone are the days when a 16MB SD card or flash drive could already fit almost all the digital media that we deem as necessary. As time pass, technology has evolved the digital information into massive chunks of digital memory from megabytes to terabytes, demanding for bigger digital storage space. As the demand for digital storage grows, the need for a more efficient and more advanced technology continues to evolve; that’s where Seagate External Storage plays its role.