What’s the most important thing when riding the motorcycle? Safety is definitely the most concerned issue. Riding with the air caressing your face maybe a very enjoyable journey but open-air riding may have its drawbacks. Therefore, riders will need a helmet that will keep their heads in the game. Look at the amazing helmet selections at our iprice store below and get the helmet that will not only provide extra safety but also suit with your personal style.

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Safety. Endurance. Comfort.

SEC Helmet was launched by Motorcycle Helmets and Accessories, the product line will be manufacturing all types of riding accessories that provides Safety, Endurance and Comfort to everyday motorcycle enthusiasts and riders. Riding the motorcycle has become a great demand today as is has become the preferred mode of transportation with the price hike of gas, taxes and more. Helmets therefore have become a necessity for road safety today for many road users. SEC Helmet products are well designed and are meant to stay in the main stream of motorcycle helmets for a long time.

Licensed by the Import commodity Clearance (ICC), SEC products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are well-priced for users of all types of people. You can be ensure for better better protection, safety and comfort while you are on the road as SEC helmets are built to absorb great impact forces that are transmitted to the head. With a series of compact dimensions, effective ventilation SEC helmets also function to reduce the amount of stress that are transmitted to the rider’s neck. According to many researches, the helmet is the most vital piece of safety equipment and having the correct helmet when accidents really happen may save your life entirely. The right helmet is said to decrease head injury fatality by almost 20%. Ill-fitted helmets often come undone and in many fatal accidents, wearers did not fasten their helmets properly while riding.

Products of SEC

SEC not only makes high quality helmets, the company also make other riding gears such as the Motobox. SEC Motobox are widely used by riders to increase the storage capacity of motorcycles. These black coloured Top cases with red lining and reflective lights are fixed onto the rear bracket of the motorbike for multipurpose needs. Riders can keep their helmet in this Motobox, or hold their raincoats or a medium-sized bag pack in the Top case. SEC Motobox comes in a variety of sizes and storage capacity ranging from 16-48 litres to suit your different storage needs.

SEC also makes supporting riding needs such as motorbike covers, windshields, saddle bags, side mirrors, lever protectors, bike disc brakes and handlebar throttles for motorcycle owners to gear up completely. Besides that, SEC also ventured into making bicycle gears. With much success in making motorcycle gears, the brand has applied its riding expertise into designing gears for bicycles as well. Among the products, for bikers include bike helmets, universal goggles, bicycle locks and protective gears for the knee and elbows. Therefore, if you’re not yet a rider, you can still be a well protected cycler first and cycle your way around (get some exercise done in between too!).

However, if you are already an accomplished rider that requires advanced motor gear, SEC also has an excellent line-up of helmets and accessories for you. Motorcycle masks, full face helmets, half face helmets and riding gloves. Get your SEC riding gear that will enhance the safety of your rides and upgrade your riding style too! At iprice Philippines, get the Sec 00362 Valkyrie Helmet that features aero vents for extra ventilation, anti-scratch visor, a removable and washable inner lining so you can keep your helmet bacteria proof. In addition, SEC has also brought Nerve Jacket, a professional bike apparel maker from Germany into the Philippines.

Enjoy your open air ride by getting SEC products at iprice Philippines

Although motorcycle riding gives you the enjoyment of riding in the open air but this sense of freedom can have its drawbacks, so always helmet up with SEC helmets for a safer ride! Better to be safe than sorry, so always put safety at first priority. SEC has also been featured in MW Magazine Philippines as the top brands for motor gear.

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