Sennheiser – a brand that has always been synonymous with delivering superior sound quality through its top-of-the-line audio equipment. With decades in the development of audio equipment, Sennheiser has managed to bring the best of the best in audio quality through all their products such as headphones, earphones, and more. From products suited for those who are always on the go, for athletes who train regardless of rain or shine, for working corporate professionals, and for music artists - Sennheiser Philippines promises one thing: top-quality audio through their extensive inventory of headphones and earphones. Find out more about Sennheiser Philippines below.

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Sennheiser HD 600

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Headphones and Headsets by Sennheiser Philippines

We hear and listen to things every day; some pleasant and soothing and others that can be disturbing and even downright frightful. But one thing is for sure: We all love to listen to music. There are many ways to listen to music – from the use of stereo systems in our homes to the radio in our car; but more often than not, the sound quality would not be as good as having some personalized audio gear.

This is where Sennheiser Philippines steps into the picture. An audio equipment company that was founded in 1945, Sennheiser has been in the audio business for more than six decades to date, manufacturing audio equipment and gear for the regular consumer, business, and professional uses. Through decades of research and development, Sennheiser Philippines has refined the art of producing audio equipment to bring you the best in sound quality.

Sennheiser Philippines provides a wide selection of headphones and wearable audio gear to match every need you might have. Sennheiser Philippines’ products not only delivers amazing audio quality but they are made from high-quality materials to improve their durability and usability in all weather conditions. Here is a comprehensive description of headphones provided by Sennheiser Philippines:

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones rest over your ears and create their own protected space around the whole ear These headphones manufactured by Sennheiser Philippines provide a comfortable and secure fit, offering a fuller sound experience for you enjoy the best auditory experience. Fitted with soft leather, leatherette, or velour ear pads, these Sennheiser headphones ensure a comfortable fit even after extended hearing sessions.

Over-ear headphones typically feature either a closed or an acoustically open design. The closed models offered by the brand uses Sennheiser NoiseGard technology to eliminate ambient noise almost completely so that you will not be distracted by any external interruption while enjoying your favourite music.

Sennheiser Philippines provides a broad choice of over-ear models for any situation or lifestyle. Be it open or closed, wired or wireless, or gaming or home purposes – Sennheiser has a model that fulfills all your needs.

On-Ear Headphones

For individuals who want smaller-sized headphones without compromising on the sound quality, then Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones are the perfect option for you. Lightweight, portable, and comfortable – these on-ear headphones are designed for people who are always on the go and frequent travellers. On-ear headphones typically have ear pads that are as comfortable as those on over-ear models, except that they have a smaller size. The ear cups comfortably fit on your ears so that they are not too burdensome even after wearing them for prolonged periods.

Sennheiser Philippines offers a wide variety of on-ear models that have impressive sound quality including the high-performing MOMENTUM On-Ear, lightweight PC handsets, and other portable headphones with award-winning collapsible designs.


Sennheiser Philippines’ earbuds prove that good things come in small packages. Small, comfortable, and easy to bring around, the earbuds made by Sennheiser provide great sound that literally goes straight into your ears. Compared to the other headphones mentioned above, they are the most portable headphone options in Sennheiser Philippines’ inventory as they are small enough to fit in just about any pocket. As they go directly into your outer ear, they shorten the distance between you and the sound more than other designs, hence providing increased clarity.

Sennheiser Philippines has a diverse variety of earbuds – from state-of-the-art models to water resistant ones to counter the humid and rainy Filipino weather.

Bluetooth Headsets

Sennheiser Philippines also has a wide array of Bluetooth headsets that can operate without a cable, giving you unlimited freedom to listen to your favourite music anytime and anywhere. You do not have to worry about becoming tangled due to its wireless design. This makes them extremely useful, especially when you often travel amongst large crowds of people. Moreover, these headphones are easy on the batteries, allowing for hours and hours of listening pleasure per charge – perfect for long travels.

Sennheiser Philippines also has a generous number of Bluetooth-compatible headphones in its product line, from one-ear headsets to luxurious travelling models equipped with Sennheiser’s cutting-edge NoiseGard technology for active attenuation of background noise.

Other Products by Sennheiser Philippines

Although Sennheiser is best known for its wide selection of headphones, the brand also manufactures many other genres of products including microphones and wireless systems, meeting and conference solutions, visitor guidance and audio streaming systems, and also loudspeakers.

Besides Sennheiser’s headphones, you can also check out these headphones offered by JBL and Audio-Technica for more options before you make a final decision.