Looking for bags of great quality? Shangri-la, a famous brand of tactical gear, has the most durable yet trendy bags for you. Make your adventures more convenient with Shangri-la's exciting selection of bags. Read more about Shangri-la below.


The Different Uses of Shangri-la Bags

Shangri-la is a famous brand of tactical gear and bags, made to make the outdoors easier to endure and venture. Their bags may be made for the harsh environment outdoors, but that doesn’t make them inappropriate for day to day use.


This is basically the main function of Shangri-la bags, and most of their products are meant for the outdoors. However, the efficiency of the bags isn’t the same, there are some that work best and some that don't. If you’re looking for a Shangri-la bag that could perfectly keep up with your thrill of the outdoors, you might want to consider going for any of the following:

Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag

This is bag is made to be compact but can carry various outdoor equipment. It sports many pockets and compartments so that you could put things in it separately. There will always be an extra room for an equipment that you might remember to grab the last minute. Its design and form make it ultimately versatile because of additional accessories that come with it. It cannot take on any form other than being a sling bag, but its accessories can enable it to give a roomy compartment for almost any outdoor gear! Plus, it keeps everything inside cushioned safely from water, dust, and strong impact.

Tactical Assault Gear Sling Pack

A sling pack that’s made of high-density oxford nylon fabric, which makes it extremely strong and durable, but lightweight. This sling pack can be placed comfortably on your hips or on your shoulder. It comes with 11 compartments, allowing you to squeeze in your gear separately. There’s basically more room than you could ever need for a casual single-man hike. This sling bag is perfect for outdoor and military enthusiasts.


Contrary to the branding of Shangri-la, they actually create bags for purposes other than the outdoors. They also have well-made bags perfect for school, which kids and teens will admire in terms of design.

Canvas Rucksack College School

This bag is made of high-quality horse leather, high-density canvas, double-deck lining, hardware, and a uniquely fashionable design. This bag sports multifunction pockets which are perfect for small school supplies like pens, notepads, scissors, coloring materials, etc. Aside from that, the main compartment of the bag features an inside compartment for laptops, which are cushioned properly to shockproof anything inside it. Lastly, it comes in various canvass colors, making it even more appealing to youngsters.


As for bags that sport a style that suits your office look and needs, Shangri-la has different bags for men and women. A tote/shoulder for women, while pouch bags and vintage canvas shoulder bags for men. That doesn’t mean that women could go for the pouch bags, though.

Oversized Large Vintage Hobo

This is a simple multipurpose tote bag that’s made for women’s most common necessities: fashion above all and a good amount of utility. It’s made of genuine leather including its hand-strap, high-grade cotton canvas, and vintage yet sophisticated color scheme and design. It has one main compartment, but on the inside, there are a few small compartments to segregate your stuff the way you wish to. It’s basically a regular handbag that could be converted to a shoulder bag, but it’s more durable and highly fashionable than the basic ones that you’ll see sold by other brands. It’s made to last without compromising style – the way ladies want it.

Tactical Pouch Tactical Bag

Since men tend to be more particular with the placement of their stuff inside their bags compared to women in general (as evidenced by the general one main compartment design of most tote/handbags for women), the tactical pouch bags from Shangri-la is their perfect go-to bag. Not only is it lightweight and small, but it comes with a number of compartments, just the way guys want it. This pouch bag can be attached to a pack and be a pouch for certain equipment, or a common sling bag.

Green Messenger Should Bag

This bag sports a fashionably versatile yet casual design which suits both genders. This shoulder bag can easily fit 13-inch to 16-inch laptops with its laptop compartment made of pure cotton canvas. It does not have a padding though, however, the fabric and the ergonomic design as well provides a good enough protection due to its strengthened and reinforced fabric, and layers of multi-function pockets – there’s enough layers of pockets to provide a cushion for the materials inside. It’s a perfect go-to office bag for men and women.


Shangri-la Tactical bags have some of the neatest looking duffel bags which can also be your perfect travel buddies. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you will see that this bag is everything that you need from a luggage minus the wheels and heavy weight.

Canvas Duffel Weekend Tote

This duffel bag is made of thick and highly durable canvas with high-quality leather. It has a large capacity which could fit a good amount of clothes that’s good for a weekend away from home. It also comes with a compartment for 15-inch laptop, an iPad or a tablet, wallet, cell phone, and travel gear. It’s easy to carry around with its removable strap, making it look even more fashionable. Another use of this bag is for your gym sessions.