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After Shave for Women

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Dr. Severin Women Original Body After Shave Balm (Jar)
₱ 2,175.00

Dr. Severin Aftershave for Women is a balm designed especially for the sensitive skin in the bikini, underarm and leg area. Although many people remove hair in their bikini and underarm areas, causing stress to the delicate skin, there are no adequate products available for aftercare. Not treating sensitive skin after shaving can lead to small spots and irritations, and sometimes even rashes. Our goal has been to create a unique product that calms the skin and prevents these irritations from occuring, while also leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. We especially recommend using our balm after shaving, epilating or waxing. Its soothing natural components of witch hazel and rosemary prevent and reduce spots and irritations for an ultra-smooth, ultra-soft feel. It is easily applied with no stinging and has a mild scent that will keep you feeling and smelling fresh for hours. - easily applied - soothes irritated, shaved skin - prevents and reduces spots and irritations - mild and fresh scent - gentle care suitable for all skin types - free of alcohol and parabens - cruelty-free (no animal testing, vegan) The fresh scent and cleansing function make Dr. Severin Aftershave suitable for both problematic and non-problematic skin. Soothes irritated skin and prevents rashes and small spots. Paraben- and alcohol-free. Vegan. Dermatologically tested. Dr. Severin does not test on animals and chooses suppliers accordingly.

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