Shein offers some of the best shoes, bags, men's clothes, children's apparel, accessories, and other fashion items in the Philippines. Browse the latest Shein products, or find answers to the frequently asked questions below!

Is Shein a reliable site? | Is Shein good to buy from? | Are Shein swimsuits good quality? | Are Shein swimsuits cheeky?

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How to Shop on Shein Philippines

SHEIN was founded in 2008 and has upheld the philosophy that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion. The brand covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world including the Philippines. SHEIN prides itself on its on-trend styles catering to both young women, men, and teens without burning a hole in their pockets. Here are some fashion and beauty products that you can grab from Shein:

Shein Beachwear

Get vacation and beach day ready to make a splash with SHEIN beachwear. You’ll find one-piece swimwear, bikinis, cover-ups, and more. They don’t just have every on-trend style of women’s swimsuit- but they have it in a huge array of colours and prints like cheetah, tropical, black and white and more!

Shein Activewear

Sometimes you just want the perfect balance of comfort, cute and sexy. SHEIN’s activewear styles fit the bill for lounging, brunching, and sweating it out. Rock a bold red two-piece set complete with leggings with white sneakers and a high pony look that’ll turn heads in the gym.

Shein Jumpsuits

SHEIN’s jumpsuit will keep your look perfectly on-trend with stylish details that transitions effortlessly from season to season. Fan-favourite dressy jumpsuits and rompers for women include a matching belt to cinch in your waist for that ideal hourglass shape or come in fabrics that hug your curves for a second-skin fit that feels so right when you’re on the dance floor.

Check the size

It’s important to check the size when you buy clothes from Shein, as they might run small. To make sure that the Shein clothing fits you just right, hover over a certain size on the product you’re interested in, and you will see the measurement come up.

Look at customer reviews

Like other trusted online shopping sites, Shein Philippines allows you to leave a review, providing your real thoughts about the product you have purchased. These reviews will also help potential customers who are looking to purchase the same item. You can also find photos of what the item looks like from reviewers, as well as sizing info.

Read the product description

When reading product descriptions, these are three things you should look for: fabric, fit type, and details

  • Fabric: Lets you determine the item material. This is essential for determining if the product is stretchable or not. If it stretches, it’s best to stick with your normal size; otherwise, it might be safest to go for the size up.
  • Fit Type: Tells you if the item is oversized, regular, or slim.
  • Details: Shows you info on the item construction.

Find Promo Codes

While most Shein clothing and accessories are affordable, you can save more money when you use Shein promo codes that almost always float around. You can find them on coupon platforms by simply doing a Google search.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shein Philippines

Is Shein a reliable site?

Shein PH is a reliable site, as it provides good quality clothing, although it cannot be compared to pieces from premium retailers like H&M, Bench, Penshoppe, Regatta, Cotton On, and Zara. Nevertheless, Shein has had great success with their apparel and accessories. Shoppers can rely on items that have a lot of positive customer reviews.

Is Shein good to buy from?

Shein is a good place to buy trendy items that are cheaper in quality and price. If you want to wear a dress that lasts for years, Shein clothing isn’t going to be your best bet.

Are Shein swimsuits good quality?

While the quality of Shein swimsuits is not anywhere near as good as those from premium retailers, some customers were impressed with the quality of the items.

Are Shein swimsuits cheeky?

Shein swimsuits offer a slightly cheeky back coverage on the bottoms. Besides that, they don’t come with straps, while the top and bottoms are double layered with fabric. You can also adjust the self-tie straps on the top.

Does Shein ship to the Philippines?

Shein Shipping to Philippines: 25 to 30 days

Shein Philippines COD: Not available

It usually takes around 25 to 30 days for your Shein item to be shipped out to the Philippines. If your country’s postal system is efficient, then you might receive your item as fast as 15 days.