One thing that you can never miss during the fall is your boots fashion. Put your best foot forward in a pair of stylish boots today. Know more about them here.


Boots Philippines: Boots for both the ladies and the gents

Boots Philippines: For your fall fashion style

Other than sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, and beanie, there is one other way you can get yourself prepared for the fall. Boots, duh! It’s time to bring out the box labelled ‘fall fashion’ you have stashed under you bed and revamp your whole wardrobe for that season. Stock up your shoe closet with the many different boots that you have - ankle boots, rain boots, lace-up boots, chukka boots. For any women, her best pair of boots is the number 1 reason why she looks forward to the changes from summer to winter. As for the gents, boots are able to reflect their classiness in their dapper style. So, no matter the reasons, you NEED a pair (or more) boots in your life.

Boots Philippines: How it all started

During the ancient days, boots are a symbol of the power and military might. As leather was not for everyone in terms of price, boots were created only for the emperors and the kings. They would wear lavish and colourful pairs that became a clear distinction between them and the barefooted peasants. But that is all in the past and long forgotten. Today, designers dedicate their whole life to create that game changing boots that transforms an individual’s life. Although traditional form of boots are still worn in every corner of the world for specific functions and traditions, boots have stood against the test of time, becoming of the greatest footwear in the fashion world.

Boots Philippines: Keeping it classy for the gents

If you think that men boots are just for hiking and hunting, think again. From cowboy boots to the Chelsea Boots, there are so many ways you can wear them, even if you are a Barney Stinson type of person (only suit-and-tie). So, here goes:

Chelsea Boots (aka Dealer Boots)

The Chelsea boots rose up to fame duing the 60s mod scene (the same era that Beatles was booted up) and is characterized by its ankle-high height, close fit and the most prominent, no laces.

How you can wear them: Today, the Chelsea is making its big comeback at the competitive end of Wall Street, which proves that suits and boots can live together in the same house. This provided only when the cut of your suit complements the Chelsea’s slim, sleek lines.

Chukka Boots (aka Turf Boots or Bucks)

The only similarity the Chukka Boots has with the Chelsea is its ankle-high height. That’s it. It is designed with two or three eyelets of lacing and is often outfitted in suede.

How to wear them: its sudden surge up the popularity ladder has everyone, college kids to soccer dads rocking out the chukkas. All it takes to do these shoes justice is an Oxford shirt and straight-leg jeans with a single cuff that allows the pants to fall straight over the shoe.

The Cowboy Boots (aka Western Boots)

Yes, it’s exactly how you imagined it to be. A tall boot shaft that ends in the middle of the calf, with heels of about 2 inch and no laces.

How to rock them: Just like the cowboys, with a pair of jeans, oxford shirts and a lasso in your hand. He-Yah!

Boots Philippines: Strutting her stuff in a pair of boots

If you have boots running through veins, then we have just the tips you need on how to style them. These boots are meant for walking, but which one would you choose? Here is a short list of the type of boots and how to style them.

Ankle Boots

This is surely the most popular pair of footwear among celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas everywhere. They are easily paired with skirts, skinnies, dresses and shorts. A must have in your wardrobe.

Lace-up Boots

Get your military vibe going with military inspired mid-calf boots. They are perfect rocked with ripped jeans or high waist denim shorts, leather jackets or even dresses if you are an individual who lives on the edge.

Over the knee Boots

This bold look is not for everyone. But if you are daring enough, we will not stop you. Just make sure to look for dresses that falls just a few inches on top of the boots for a sexy look.

Combat Boots

This pair that is originally designed for soldiers, is now something that you can wear every day and never be out of style. Although it’s always styled with rugged attire, it is become more and more popular paired with dresses and short skirts.

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