Classic, edgy, and timeless, brogues are a a closet must have for most men and women. In addition, this type of footwear is also versatile and can be worn with all sorts of garments for any occasion. Scroll down below and find a great pair of brogues or click here to know about different types of brogues you can buy.

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Brogues - A Timeless Classic

Brogues are a type of closed-shoe footwear which originated in Europe. It is mostly made of leather or faux leather, and its construction makes it strong and durable. While brogues are mostly seen worn by men, women too can enjoy the classic elegance of brogues. In addition, brogues also has several types which differ in design which makes this type of footwear more dynamic and versatile.

What are brogues?

Brogues are a type of footwear which is characterized by multiple pieces of leather put together for the top with ornamental ruptures or “broguings” around the edges. Brogues first originated in Ireland where this type of footwear is mostly used as an outdoor shoe. Due to its decorative holes and perforations, brogues easily drains out water when used to cross wet terrain, such as a bog which Ireland is abundant of.

Today, brogues are more than just an outdoor shoe used to cross muddy landscapes, it has become a fashionable statement that indicates sophistication and edginess. It is also a versatile footweear which you can use and pair with any garment from dresses to pants; all you need is a little creativity.

Different types of brogues

Today’s brogues can come in different types of footwear, from sneakers, business shoes, high-heels, flats, etc., as long as you see its signature perforated leather construction, it is considered as a brogue. Each type of brogue is determined by the style of its toe cap: (1) full brogues, (2) semi-brogues, (3) quarter-brogues, and (4) longwing brogues.

Full brogue or wingtip

Full brogues or most commonly known as “wingtips” in the United States are brogues that have a “W” shaped toe caps, which is similar to a bird with extended wings, hence the name. A full brogue usually has decorative perforations at the middle of the toe cap.

Semi brogues

Semi brogues or half brogues are brogues which does not have wings, instead a simple toe cap that extends only from side to side. Like full brogues, semi brogues also have decorative holes at the centre of each toe cap.

Quarter brogues

Quarter brogues, like semi brogues, has a simple toe cap but without the decorative perforations. However, quarter brogues are considered as formal compared to full and semi brogues.

Longwing Brogues

Otherwise called as the “English” brogues in the US and “American” brogues in the UK, longwing brogues are characterized by its pointed toe cap with wings extending from the toes to the side, and finally meeting at the heel.

Brogues can also be characterized by the type of closure it has. There are four main types of brogue closures: (1) oxford, (2) ghillie, and (3) derby.

Shop for brogues for both men and women

Brogues are a stylish and timeless footwear that never goes out of style. Men and women can enjoy this type of footwear for any occasion, from business meetings to casual dates. Take a look at available pairs here or browse for your favorite brogues by brand such as Dr. Martens, Novo, Aldo and so much more!