Flip flops can be your go-to footwear when you just don’t want to bother lacing up or buckling your close-toed shoes. But let’s face it, while some flip flops can be super comfortable, they don’t keep style and design in mind. In the article here, find a list of brands that carry comfortable and stylish flip flops.


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5 Brands of Flip Flops in the Philippines That Are Both Stylish and Comfy

When you’re in a rush and running late, the best thing to do is to just slip your fit into a flip flop. If you don’t have a dress code to follow when going to work or school, why not wear a pair of flip flops? There are types of flip flops out there that combines ergonomic elements and style to make sure your feet are comfortable without having you sacrifice your fashion sense.

Below are 5 brands of flip flops in the Philippines that you can wear anywhere and anytime due to its sole design and style. These brands are accessible, which means you can find them in all major shopping centers, and they are affordable.


Birkenstock has risen in popularity these past few years. This is because Birkenstock flip flops are easy to wear and extremely comfortable. They can also last for a long time, as the cork footbed is designed to mimic your foot the more you wear it. Also, if you’re vegan, Birkenstock is the flip flops for you because they do not use leather or any other animal component to make their sandals.

Fit Flop

Fit Flops are equipped with Microwobble board midsole, a biomechanical footbed to help tone out your leg and derriere muscles when you walk. The midsole is also made with bouncy rubber so it’s soft and can absorb even the harshest impacts when you walk. The sole is made with 3 parts: mid-density toe section, low-density mid-section, and high-density heel section, all to make walking a little bit better.


Not many know that Adidas flip flops are also as good as their sneaker counterparts. Sometimes known as sliders, Adidas flip flops are popular among the youths, where they incorporate the flip flops with their leisurewear outfits. The Adidas flip flops are suitable for those looking for comfort yet prioritize style and fashion in their daily outfits.


Reef sandals are perfect for adventurous ones. The flip flops from Reef were initially designed for surfers and those who pursue a high-quality active lifestyle. To accompany these thrill-seekers, the founders created flip flops that are highly functional and remarkably comfortable through their arch support yet are able to showcase the wearer’s adventurous lifestyle through the design.


If you want something with no frills, consider the Havaianas flip flops. They are simple yet they come with various designs. You can easily find the perfect pair of Havaianas flip flops in every color, patterns, and style. They’re more than just sandals, with the soft rubber soles and intricate varying designs, Havaianas will be your go-to when you want something simple yet comfy.