Take a look around, you will see a grand fashion show at every corner of the town with pretty ladies strolling down the streets in their high heels. There is always something about women and their heels, let’s enter the world of this fashion embellishment here.


Heels for women online in Philippines

Heels are not only a height enhancer but also a staple for every day’s outfit. Women wear high heels to add extra glam and confidence to her appearance. It is agreeably proven that high heels make the best accessories to give every lady the perfect posture no matter when she is walking or just standing still. What’s even better is that heels can be paired with almost all dressing styles, even sportswear.

The most common heels for women

Level up your heels game by understanding the types of heels that are designed for different styles as well as dressing occasions.


These shoes are amazingly versatile and stylish to pair with nearly everything and is a must-have for every lady. The heels are usually around 8 inches high and thin for elegant style. It can be best worn with formal attire or evening dresses to polish up your glamorous look.

Sling Backs

If you want a bit more stability while walking on high heels, Sling backs are your best friend! They are generally shorter than stilettos and are secured with straps hooked around your ankle. The pair will look great for a casual day out or simple office wear.

Kitten Heels

Unlike the grand high heels that prolong your legs, kitten heels are for those who seek comfortability with princess-y style. You can pair them with all types of dresses for a romantic date and win the heart of your crush in an instance!

Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels are still making a storm in the fashion world for their extra class and grace. A woman always looks sophisticated in a pair of ankle strap, especially when they sow of the sexy legs in either long denim or short skirt. It does not hurt your feet as you walk as well with a nifty strap hugging your ankle.


Enhance your height without compromising the comfortability with platform shoes. This is a sibling of Stilettos except it is a little thicker for extra support so that your toes won’t have to suffer the pain caused by walking too long on your high heels. Definitely the best of both worlds!


Another resemblance of stiletto but with more pointed toe. It is a beloved garment for most ladies when it comes to retro style. You can pair pumps with pencil skirt for an elegant formal look or long pants for a bit of edgy style.

Ankle booties

It is such a shame if talking about heels without a mention of boots. Women are getting crazier than ever over ankle boots for their fancy look in any type of outfit. If you are travelling to a cold country, boots make a huge life savour for both styles and protection. Pair them with ripped jeans for a perfect country girl look!

Some extravagant heels for fashionistas in Philippines

Cinderella’s glass slipper by Christian Louboutin

Once a dream of every lady, the magical glass slipper that changed the fate of Cinderella is now a reality! In style of the legendary designer house Christian Louboutin, this pair has the exact glam design like in the fairy tales with signature Louboutin’s red soles.

Valentino Rockstud heels

Apparently these Valentino rockstud heels have made it to all of the fashionista’s closet immediately after they were introduced. The edgy look in elegant design makes this shoes an utmost wardrobe staple for everyday outfit. You can never go wrong with this Valentino’s state-of-the-art shoes.

Jimmy Choo Macy peep-toe heels

Simple and elegant at its best, the Macy peep-toe heels by Jimmy Choo was photographed on the red carpet being worn by Hollywood’s darling Natalie Portman. You can also dress up like a real star in Jimmy Choo’s shoes collection.

Besides the designer brands, you can also look into other well-known brands for women heels like Aldo, Zalora, Mango and more. Also, be sure to check out iprice’s Fashion coupons to grab a chance to shop for your favourite heels at best prices online!