Dread wearing high heel shoes? A good alternative would be a pair of platform shoes that are simply comfortable to worn. Be fashion forward and learn how to confidently rock a pair of platform shoes in the Philippines! Click here to learn more about it below.


Everything you need to know about platform shoes

Platform shoes are a type of footwear characterized by its thick sole. It also has several heeled variations which features a chunky heel or a wedge. Platform shoes has been a part of fashion since the 15th century and has transcended many eras of constant invention and reinvention. Today, platform shoes are more popular than ever because of its undeniable comfort and edgy style. Read on to learn more about the shoe.

Platform heels

Among the other styles, the platform heels are by far the most popular ones as they bear similarities to wedge shoes. During the disco era, the heels on platform were generally thick and sturdy which offers support to disco dancing. Today, most of these platform heels are designed to look daintier. Platform heels can be worn for many occasions depending on the style. That is the reason why it remains a popular shoe of choice for a night out of dancing.

Platform sandals

Sandals are typically a popular footwear during the summer. Platform sandals offers the added height while still allowing the feet to breathe in hot weather. These sandals are often made of leather or faux leather upper, while the sole is made from rubber or wood. A popular style of platform sandals is inspired by Roman gladiators, where it comes with long straps that can be wounded around the ankle. The best way to pair these sandals is with a sun dress or denim shorts.

Platform boots

Compared to the traditional boots, the platform boots characteristically have a much thicker sole as well as a corresponding heel. A popular footwear among rock musicians in the 1970s where members of the Rolling Stones and KISS wore them. Today, platform shoes are made to reminiscent the past styles, but at the same time become trendier and more feminine. If you prefer more ankle support, platform boots are the perfect footwear for you!


The simplest way of visualizing a flatform is by incorporating a traditional flat with a platform shoe. A raised wedge is the typical characteristic of a platform shoe, but it does not mean that the wedge maintains a static height. Flatform shoes are modified as the wedge goes flat across and stem from flat-sole silhouettes. It is also a great way to add the additional height without putting much pressure on the wearer’s body weight. Thus, the flatform is more comfortable compared to the other styles.

Heelless Platforms

Perhaps the most distinct style out of the other platforms shoes are the heelless platforms. It features a very thick sole at the front locate under the toebox of the shoe where the wearers have to bear all the weight on the ball of the foot.