Can’t be bothered to wear close-toed, suffocating shoes? Instead of putting on a pair of sneakers of loafers, why not opt for a pair of breezy, open-toed sandals. Sandals are not only comfortable and versatile, they’re also stylish and are available in many designs. To find out more about sandals and its different types, read the article here.


How to Choose the Right Pair of Sandals in the Philippines

Sandals are easy and quick to put on, perfect if you’re running late. However, they are also versatile, available in many designs and they can provide ample support for your feet. And don’t think that sandals are just flimsy rubber flip-flops that can only be worn to the beach or to the bathroom. There are so many different types and designs of sandals suitable to be worn to any place at any time.

History of sandals

The use of sandals dates back all the way to 6th or 5th millennium BC as the oldest pair of sandals were dated back at least 10,000 years. It was the common footwear worn by ancient civilizations in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Spain, and more. Although the design and appearance differ from region to region, the majority of ancient civilizations utilize sandals for many purposes such as sports, dancing, and formal wear. Back then, sandals were made from woven leaves, twigs, and other kinds of fibers.

Different types of sandals and its uses

There are many types and designs of sandals and each one has their own unique function and background. Flip-flops are the most common form of sandals as they are extremely affordable and easy to wear. This flat shoe with Y-shaped strap is mainly made with rubber, making it suitable for the beach, locker room, pool, and bathroom.

Perhaps the most known ancient sandals are the gladiator sandals from ancient Rome. Also known as Caligae, these sandals are used by the Roman military ad was made of leather. Now, however, the gladiator sandals are a staple for the summer, worn by people of all ages.

For something more elegant and formal, one should consider high-heel sandals. They are basically strappy sandals with elevated heels, usually 4 to 7 inches. The opposite of the high-heeled sandals would be the sports sandals, often known as hiking or trekking sandals. Rather than providing aesthetic purposes like the high-heeled sandals, hiking or trekking sandals are suitable for walking on any types of terrains and climates. It’s usually made with rubber outsole and completed with ankle straps for a more secure wear.

Choosing the right sandals

When deciding on which type of sandals to wear, think about what kind of terrains you would be walking on with the shoes. Then, decide if you want flat or high-heeled sandals. A nice middle ground between the two areplatform sandals which can give you a few inches of height yet still providing you with a proper balance. There are many high-quality brands of sandals that you should invest in and brands like Birkenstock, Puma, and Vincci offers various type of sandals at affordable prices.