Badminton Shoes are an essential pair of kicks that could optimize the performance of its user by providing comfort and easy of mobility. Badminton shoes have all the necessary technology and features that are needed during performance in the court. There are many types of badminton shoes available in the market right now, they come is different colors and designs, incorporating features that's not common to the every day shoes that everyone wears. The versatility of badminton shoes made it become well known and highly used, even by those who are not into the sport.

Description and Features

Advanced badminton shoes feature an ergoshape and is made with power cushion. The cushioned soles are made to absorb shock movement and soften the impact, allowing users to transition into his next movement easier. Power cushion insole provides additional feet support that provides users the ability to maintain their momentum while on the move. On the other hand, the ergoshape is a feature of the shoes that implies a shape that it is moulded into which is beneficial to the mobility of its users. Lateral movement is very essential in badminton, thus these unique features make up badminton shoes.

Aside from its features, the material that makes its mesh, the double russel provides a more breathable and ultra fine ventilation to the feet, reducing sweat production that leads to a number of conditions and skin damage. The material was chosen to provide maximum comfort and health benefits. This material is actually good not just for badminton shoes but for all types of shoes, especially the ones made for sports.


Badminton shoes provides good performance, but its materials does not demand high maintenance; they can easily be cleaned with a simple cloth or towel. It can easily be washed by hand or using a machine. There's no rocket science behind its maintenance, keeping it on top of its game is as simple.

Top Brands


Yonex is among the most famous brands when it comes to badminton equipment. Not only do they sell badminton rackets, shuttle cocks, and other badminton accessories, they also sell some of the best foot wear for the sport. Their shoes are made from PY leather, boasting a sturdy built due to its stitching, and also power cushion.


A sports brand that's well known to provide accessories and equipment for almost all types of sports. One of their most famous products are their sports shoes, designed to improve its users' performance and help athletes' reach their full potential. Their badminton shoes are famous for their shock absorbing sole, providing one of the softest cushioning to lessen the impact on the foot.