The Slam Dunk manga has fired up the basketball passion in many youngsters. And the sport is undoubtedly one of the most popular weekend activities among Filipinos. To jump start an exciting game, make sure you have chosen the perfect pair of basketball shoes on iprice!


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Choosing the perfect pair of basketball shoes that fit your needs

For beginners and professional players alike, having a good pair of shoes as companion is one of the most important factors to a successful game. As basketball requires both strength and flexibility, the players have to be always on the move and be ready to score a point any moment. So it really depends on one’s role in the team to decide which shoes will make the best supporter to them as “one size doesn’t fit all”.

For facilitators or distributors

This role of the team will be the one that cover the entire court and that they have to be super fast in order to support their team members. The player has to put 100% of his mind into the game and worry less about his feet. Hence, you have to make sure that the shoes feature great traction to allow for smooth fit and lockdown.

For high flyers or scorers

This specific role is the core of the team as the player is required to be very quick with eyes locked on the ball. A good pair of shoes is one with full support and traction for immediate change of direction while running. Furthermore, you have to consider the arch and lateral support when choosing the right basketball shoes.

For all-around players

We all know LeBron James, the legendary power player and his precision in every move. The role is pretty much a bit of everything – distribute, facilitate, slash, fly and score. You need an extremely high performance shoe to run across the court at ease and be flexible enough to lock the ball wherever is open. So a full cushion support with traction are the two most important factors.

Top basketball shoes in the Philippines

There are countless of choice when it comes to basketball shoes. From beginner level too professional level, you can find any preferred style of basketball shoes right here on iprice. Below is the list of the top brands in the basketball field to keep your eyes on.

Nike Kobe X

It is without doubt thatNikeproduces some of the best basketball shoes in the market and the Kobe series is amongst the most striking collection. The shoes feature advanced technology that ensures the ultimate performance with great traction on top of the lightweight factor. You can easily spot this ‘monster’ on the NBA courts as well as any regular basketball game.

Adidas J Wall 1

Named after the great talents John Wall, this special creation byAdidasis one of the most outstanding basketball shoes designs. Players trust in the J Wall series for its excellent support. The shoes feature adidas’s unique plethora of colourways which attract not only professional basketball players but also fashion lovers. If your budget is not too big, this is the definitely the shoes to go for.

Under Armour Curry One

Here’s another big name in the field, Under Armour is sometimes underrated for its basketball shoes line. This signature design by Under Armour has been the trusted companion of the Shooting Gawd during the early years of his career. The Curry One series is featured with the brand’s advanced charged cushioning and AnaFoam upper technology. You can rely on the shoes to run the speed of the Flash on any basketball court and score amazingly nice.

Nike Air Jordan

It is such a mistake to forget about this King of the basketball world. Nike’s Jordan series with its signature air max technology is designed for the winners. Besides the notable cushioning that is unique to Nike, the Air Jordan is also equipped with the performance-woven upper to allow for the explosiveness while playing. If you are looking for the best supporter, look no further than this very pair of Russell Westbrook’s favourite.

Now you can easily shop for the best basketball shoes with iprice! Let’s ace the next basketball game with utmost confidence from the right pair of shoes.