With the popularity of backpacking and trekking, hiking shoes and/or boots have gained popularity over the years. Aside from equipping your feet with protection, hiking boots and shoes are also durable in extreme conditions, so if you love to go on adventures, then a good pair of hiking boots would be a great investment. Let's look at the best hiking shoes you can get below.


Your Hiking Boots 101

Hiking shoes or often called hiking boots or trekking shoes are an important type of footwear for climbers, hikers, backpackers, and trekkers. In contrast to other footwear, the main purpose of hiking boots is to protect and provide comfort to the wearer’s feet and ankles on extreme conditions. It should be sturdy enough to provide protection against the elements while comfortable enough to prevent injuries and painful blisters.

Three main types of hiking shoes

There are three types of hiking shoes: (1) trail shoes, (2) trail hikers, and (3) mountain walking or hiking boots. Trail shoes are made for dry, less rugged paths while trail hikers are more suited for a wet and muddy environment. Mountain walking or hiking boots, on the other hand, are designed for mountain-climbing, often having crampons which gives them a better grip on slippery rocks or on ice.

  • Trail shoes - Trail shoes are low cut models that are made for long journeys with comfortable soles which are excellent for day hiking. This is a great option if your destination has a dry, less rocky climate. Trail shoes are lightweight, easy to carry and can last long distances.
  • Trail hikers - Trail shoes’ big brother, Trail hiker shoes are made to withstand rockier, steeper, and muddier journeys compared to trail shoes. These type of shoes range from low to mid cut, and offers more stability and protection against rocks and protruding limbs.
  • Mountain walking or hiking boots - If you are ready for more rigid climates, rugged terrains, and extreme elements, then a pair of mountain walking or hiking boots would suit your trip. These type of boots can be attached with crampons to make walking on glacier and slippery rocks easier. These type of shoes have a robust, high-cut look with stiff soles and provides maximum ankle support for steep climbs.

How to choose the right hiking shoe

Choosing the right hiking shoe determines how well your trek will go. Failing to do so would result in long, uncomfortable hikes, blisters, and even injury, so choosing the right one is as important as the trip itself. Here are great tips on how to choose the perfect hiking shoes for you:

  • Before you start your search, you should consider the environment of your journey. Obviously, you can’t wear trail shoes on a mountain hike, so always consider what type of weather or terrain lies on your journey.
  • Also, consider how long your journey is going to be. Lighter hiking shoes are great for long distances while heavier mountain boots would suit shorter distances.
  • If you are going to encounter a river, a lake or any body of water on your journey, then consider buying a waterproof hiking shoe.
  • Like all shoes, choosing the right size is important when choosing a hiking shoe.

Best hiking shoes online

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