When you want some added height but bored of the common heels and stilettos, it’s time to revamp everything with a pair of wedges. Find out more how you can do that here.


Wedges Philippines: Heels, slip-ons and more

Wedges Philippines: Clicaty-clack around town with confidence

The love affair between a woman and her shoes is one thing that no man can ever comprehend. Despite the amount of shoes designed exclusively for their love interest – heels, stilettos, sandals, pumps and the list goes on, a woman can never have enough shoes. Wedges are one of the many options women have when it comes to their footwear. No it was not named after the delicious potato wedges that just melts in your mouth, but named after the heel that takes after the shape of a wedge.

As one of the more comfortable option, women often find wedges easier to walk rather than the sharp heeled stilettos and platforms because of the shoe’s surface area that comes in contact with the floor. Imagine this: when you are walking barefoot or in flats, almost your entire foot is in contact with the floor making your stride stable, even and confident. This is exactly how a wedges would work. Because they are way easier to wear, wedges can be clicaty-clacked around town for a longer period. Get your wedges from Nine West, Marie Claire, Nose and Rubi.

Wedges Philippines: Choosing the your perfect love affair

If you are an avid lover of everything shoes, you would know that no two pair of wedges are created equal which makes it even harder to find a pair that would be as comfortable as it is chic. Here are some tips that would come in extra handy when you are out picking out a pair for yourself. (Note to guys too if you want to please your woman).

  1. Colour: Make sure to find something that would be able to suit your whole wardrobe. If you are not going buy the whole rack of wedges, it is best to stick to neutral colour – brown, black, nude or white.
  2. Width of Heel: just as mentioned before, no two pairs of wedges are the same. The heel width on a wedge vary in different sizes. Chunkier heels would look glorious if you have thicker calves as they would balance each other out. But if your calves are on the smaller side, look for a pair that has smaller heel and a daintier wedge.
  3. Height: When you are looking for the right heel height, the same rule would apply no matter if you are looking at a pair of wedges or stilettos. The lower they are, chances of wearing them for a longer time period in full comfort is very high. But if you need that added height, its best to look for wedges that is designed with supportive straps.

Wedges Philippines: Putting your best foot forward in style

Wedges are an extremely versatile pair of shoe as it can be worn for any occasion, formal or casual. Here are some ways you can pump up your style with wedges.

  • Casual wedges: for those laid back days when you just don’t feel like dressing up but yet want to feel pretty, cork wedges are perfect pair to have handy. They add just enough style and edge to make an outfit pop! Pair it up with your oversized tee loosely tucked into your skinnies and finish this look with a pair of shades or a snapback for the perfect casual look that is packed with sophistication.
  • Formal wedges: Look for wedges that are fully closed, not so vibrant in colour for your business meetings. Since you would be on your toes most of the time, it would be best to find a pair that is not reaching out to the skies. Thinner wedges would look extremely feminine and delicate when worn with pencil skirt, body-con dresses and trousers.
  • Party wedges: Wedges with thin strap that has embellishments attached to it, spikes or precious stones are the best when you are planning to paint the town red with your girlfriends. Even when you are burning the dance floor you never have to worry about the after pain that your feet recognizes when it is paired with stilettos.

Now, since you know all about wedges, it’s time to invest in a pair (or more) only from iprice.