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Shure SE846 ₱ 54,900.00 Shopee
Shure SLX2/SM58 ₱ 10,915.41 Amazon
Shure PGA48 ₱ 1,943.84 LazMall by Lazada
Shure SE215 ₱ 999.00 Shopee
Shure MV51 ₱ 8,921.73 Amazon
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Shure Philippines - The Most Trusted Brand Audio Brand Worldwide

Proudly presenting legendary microphones, cutting-edge wireless systems, premium earphones and headphones, Shure Philippines can be said to be one of the premier audio electronics leaders in manufacturing microphones, wireless microphone systems, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, mixers, digital signal processing, headphones, high-end earphones, conferencing systems and personal monitor systems. Throughout its history, Shure's commitment to total quality has been defining the success and reputation of its products. Whether you are new to this audio experience or a lifelong audio enthusiast, Shure is confident that you will be able to experience the same level of total quality that audio professionals have appreciated for over 80 years. Since 1925, musicians and music enthusiasts around the world have chosen Shure with confidence in the unparalleled sound and performance of its well-designed products.

Shure Philippines - Spearheading Audio Electronics Since 1925

Established by Sidney N Shure in Chicago, Illinois since 1925, Shure initially supplied and sold radio part kits as one of the only six radio parts catalogs in the United States at that time. Remarkably, Shure ran as one man company and it eventually grew to more than 75 employees within 3 years. When the Great Depression struck, the declining market for radio component kit due to the advent of factory-built radios pushed Shure to be the exclusive distributor for a small microphone manufacturer. In 1932, Shure was one of only four U.S. microphone manufacturers with the introduction of the Model 33N Two-Button Carbon Microphone, the first lightweight, high-performance product in a market saturated with large, costly and inefficient models. This was the beginning of Shure's domination in the market as a leading player in the industry of consumer and professional audio electronics.

Entering the wireless microphone market with the L series, Shure conquered the wireless product category worldwide within a decade. 1996 was the year that Shure marketed its first digital signal processing (DSP) product, the DFR11EQ Digital Feedback Reducer. Having acquired the long-time United Kingdom Distribution Center, HW International, Shure then renamed it Shure Distribution UK in 2003. On February 1, 2011, Shure later completed the acquisition of Informationsteknik, one of the world’s leading suppliers of conferencing and audio/visual systems and equipment. For the following year, Shure was the only company at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) to introduce new products in each of the following categories: wired microphones, wireless microphone systems, and monitoring. Shure received seven prestigious awards at NAMM: the Beta 181 and PGX-Digital received TEC Awards; the KSM42 and PSM 1000 received Readers Choice Awards from Pro Sound Web, and the PSM 1000 was named Product of the Year at the Music & Sound Awards.

Legendary Performance Of Shure Philippines

You sing it. You say it. You play it.
We'll help you amplify or record it.

Shure stands for more than just high-quality products as it is also very passionate about enabling performances that engage, energize and inspire audiences. In fact, it is preparing them for the performances that help shape the course of history. It has been said that Shure was there Elvis stepped into Sun Studios and when JFK vowed to put a man on the moon. Shure is very familiar with the audio scene because it has been on the world's biggest stage, from Live Earth to the Oval Office. From microphones to turntable cartridges to wireless gear, Shure is the expert at producing products that help you to redefine your sound.

Finest Shure Philippines Products

Shure Earphones & Headphones
Built on solid, professional audio roots, Shure audio products are designed to take listening experiences of MP3 players, mobiles phones and sound systems to a higher level of awesomeness. Boasting award-winning sound isolating earphones, mobile phone stereo headsets, professional studio and DJ headphones, Shure definitely knows stuff that can make your audio experience to be fun, exciting and pleasingly audible.
Shure Microphones
Having a long and storied history, you will find that Shure microphones have withstood the test of time. Time after time, they have proven their reliability and those that have used them continue to use them without fail or worry. The Shure microphones are said to be the cornerstone for stage and audio sound and you can easily hear it from the world-renowned SM58 and SM57 to the superb KSM studio microphones. Basically, whatever sound that is being amplified or recorded, Shure will be there to immortalize it.

Popular and reliable, Shure microphones have been everywhere and seen it all. Shure is proud to announce that it has seized every opportunity:

  • Garage bands
  • The preacher's podium
  • Show tunes
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Country & Western.
  • Police radio
  • Hip-hop & gospel
  • Rock & Roll
  • Network TV
  • President's podium
  • US Army
  • Bar & Hipster Cafes
    Shure Wireless Systems
    Whether it is a high school gym, a church, a local bar, a concert hall, or a stadium, you can trust Shure on the fact that Shure has been there. As the presenters and performers love the freedom and flexibility that wireless can provide, Shure brings the sound and reliability of its microphones to the world of wireless, singing or speaking, vocal or instrumental. Coming in many varieties,the Shure wireless systems are accessible to new performers and seasoned veterans alike. Ever popular, you can see Shure Wireless Systems being used in Grammy and Oscar awards,
    Shure Personal Monitor Systems
    The Shure personal monitor systems have it all: Hearing conservation, personal control, portability, superior sound quality, and mobility. Countless numbers of today's musicians are fully realizing how consistent and accurate their performances can be when they can actually hear themselves onstage. A smarter alternative to floor wedges, there is nothing like the protection and control that can be yours with the Shure personal monitor systems. When you are using the Shure personal monitor systems, success will come in your way.

    Enjoy & Embrace The Ultimate Audio Experience With Shure Philippines

    Featuring a great selection of audio products, Shure is your trusted audio product provider. Have a look at Shure audio for latest Shure audio products! Happy shopping!