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Silverworks Silver Diamond Cut Band Ring

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Silverworks Philippines – the leading sterling silver jewellery retailer in the Philippines

Currently dominating the sterling silver jewellery and accessory retail industry, Silverworks Philippines is the most sort after brand for high quality and innovative silver jewellery. Silverworks had a humble beginning with a single kiosk in Makati, Philippines in 1991. Now, Silverworks have over 50 stores across the Philippines.

Founded by Loo and Louie Gutierrez, the third generation of acclaimed Ocampo Fine Jewellery, Silverworks has transformed traditional silver jewellery into a modern fashion hit accessory item for the young generation. Currently rebranding to be SW, Silverworks offers a wide range of silver jewellery from Silverworks bracelets for women, Silverworks necklace, Silverworks earrings, stainless steel, to titanium and even every girl’s best friend, diamonds!

Browse through Silverworks offered collection and you will agree with us that this sibling duo has put their gemmologist inherent genes, skills and good eye to good use. Timeless and classic, Silverworks silver jewellery collection is at the peak of its essence and strives to fulfil all jewellery need of its customers and fans.

Who knew titanium, stainless steel and tungsten can become statement jewellery

Silver jewellery were traditionally made from sterling silver (standard silver) with an alloy of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper and thus the grade 925 will be used as an identification for all sterling silver items. All Silverworks sterling silver jewellery are certified as authentic 925 grade.

So why not 99.99 silver? This is because silver is a very soft metal that can bend or break easily and thus by adding another, more durable, metal to the mix ensures that your silver jewellery lasts longer and look nicer down the road. After all, you want your silver jewellery to look brand new even after years of use right?

Nevertheless, by adding another metal the silver not only becomes more durable, it also makes the substance easier for metal-smiths, jewellers and craftsmen to handle and manipulate into those intricate rings, pendants and necklaces we so adore. That is also how titanium, stainless steel and tungsten can be incorporated into becoming statement jewellery collections that will definitely be a show stopper.

Showcase your personality and character with Silverworks Philippines jewellery

Have you heard of the theory You Don’t Need More Clothes, You Need More Accessories? Well, it also happens to be a money and wardrobe space saving trick that many fashionistas are practicing on a daily basis. If you want to look stylish, you don’t actually need more clothes, just a few more accessories which are any non-clothing items, like shoes, handbags, scarves and jewellery.

To enhance a simple black dress, you can match it with a pair of heels, a clutch and some silver jewellery like one of Silverworks Charms. Men can also wear Silverworks for men to add some charming elements to a plain boring outfit. Don’t be that plain one in the crowd, make an effort to accessorize and showcase your personality and character to the world!

Your set of accessories is like a spice rack, if your spice rack contained only a few spices, like oregano and salt, the variety of what you could do with would also be limited. So, get hold of more spices (more accessories) to jazz up a tasty and delicious meal (an eye-catching and desired outfit).

Scared that accessorizing might be too time consuming? No, in fact it’s a time saver. For example, for a very basic work outfit, like a pair of black pants and a beige sweater without any accessorizing is completely wearable, but it may not be all that exciting. But with some accessorizing, this outfit can become more interesting and more varied. It is to upgrade that plain look into something better and more stylish which will give you more variety by maximizing what you already own and creating less of a need to purchase more clothing. It is through accessorizing that you can create several very different looks for one outfit!

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Silverworks have gained the loyalty, trust and the esteem of its customers over the years by offering enticing and special designs that fulfil the taste of its customers. Many Pilipino people are proud to wear a national brand of silver jewellery that is made and locally resourced.

With so many Silverworks offerings such as:

  • couple rings
  • prayer pendants
  • cuff links
  • wedding rings

Silverworks definitely can help you achieve complete personalized customization of jewellery and accessories. FYI customised wedding rings are among the most popular orders for Silverworks Philippines. Ponder no more when you’re looking for premium silver jewellery as you will find it with Silverworks Philippines!

Enjoy your silver jewellery shopping at iprice Philippines!