If you are looking for good quality silver rings, Silverworks Philippines gives you a selection beautiful rings that would take your breath away. Whether as an accessory or as a sign of commitment, these rings are perfect for all ocassions. Shop online for available Silverworks rings below or click here to know more about Silverworks Philippines.


Silverworks Rings - Committed to Beauty, Design, and Quality

If you are looking for top quality rings, either as an accessory or as a gift idea, Silverworks Philippines has some of the best for you online. Silverworks Philippines started out in 19991 from a single stall in Makati. The brand was founded by Loo and Louie Gutierrez - the third generation of craftsmen from the so-called Ocampo Fine Jewellery. From a small stall to over 50 stores all over the country, Silverworks Philippiines has become a major brand in fancy jewellery, creating timeless pieces for their clients.

Different types of Silverworks rings

Whether you want fancy accessories or looking for creative gift ideas for your loved ones, Silverworks rings would definitely fit the bill. The brand boasts its wide selection of rings available. From wedding, engagement rings, to eternity and cocktail rings, Silverworks Philippines assures quality, design, and beauty on all their jewellery.

  • Wedding ring

The ultimate sign of love and passion for a significant other, a wedding ring is a band worn by married couples during holy matrimony. This ring represents the ultimate form of marital commitment, which was originally worn only by women. Silverworks has some of the most dynamic selection of wedding rings and wedding bands you can find online.

  • Engagement ring

When you talk about wedding rings, engagement always comes to mind. This ring is offered to the woman as a sign of dedication and when accepted, it starts the new life and journey towards becoming husband and wife. Silverworks offers a wide selection of engagement rings from solitaire, three-stone, accent, to fancy engagement rings,

  • Birthstone ring

As a form of accessory, birthstone rings are rings with birthstones jewels. Birthstones are dictated by your birth month which corresponds to a certain stone. Diamond, emerald, pearl, topaz, and ruby are just some of the 12 stones which are indicates a certain month of the year.

  • Eternity ring

An eternity ring, like the engagement, represents your commitment to a significant other which symbolizes eternity. These type of rings are often in lieu of engagement rings or can represent an engagement ring such as the case of Paris Hilton when she got engaged with Paris Latsis. Latsis gave Hilton a huge 24-carat diamond engagement ring, eventually becoming too heavy for the socialite that she had to wear an eternity band.

  • Cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are what fashionistas refer to oversized, jewel-encrusted rings that you mostly see on red carpet events. This type of ring are fancier, more elaborate than any type of ring, making it an eye-candy for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce and so much more!

Rings as an accessory and a sign of commitment

Rings are a great accessory, especially if you want to give it to someone special. Giving a ring to a significant person, whether it’s your friend or a lover are means of communicating your commitment to them. This is also the same for professional rings in sports or religion, it is a sign of your commitment to your duty and loyalty. Rings are also a sign of accomplishment and trophies. Class rings from Universities and high schools are still prevalent, as well as professional and doctorate rings. These type of jewellery signify great achievement and hard work within their own field.

Perhaps the most well-known type of ring which represents devotion, love, and passion are the engagement and wedding rings. Nothing best defines what rings are all about better than dedicating it to somebody special in your life. If you are looking for fabulous engagement, friendship, or wedding rings online, don’t forget to check out Silverworks rings here or explore more options from other brands including Unisilver, Pandora, Glamorosa, and so much more!