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SimBa & Mama Little Lion Cub Pocket Cloth Diaper (bundle) Groovy One Size
₱ 1,642.00

Simba & Mama cloth diapers are a walk in the park to use and care for. No soaking, boiling, dangerous pins or tricky origami folds make them easy for the whole family to use. Simba & Mama pocket-style cloth diapers include: ¥ two microfibre inserts (newborn and adjustable one-size) ¥ one reusable micro-fleece liner ¥ one mini wet bag ¥ one donated diaper to a newborn baby and mother in Bali How to use: ¥ Double the inserts together for an overnight/nap time booster or as extra absorbency for heavy wetters ¥ The reusable liner makes cleanup of solids easier and helps prevent stains on the inside of the diaper ¥ Store the dirty diaper in the mini wet bag when out and about Simba & Mama one-size cloth diapers are designed to grow with your baby from birth until potty training and will fit most babies from 8-36 pounds . Little Lion Cub cloth diaper features & benefits: ¥ Waterproof outer fabric is breathable ¥ Sueded inner fabric is soft and wicks moisture, helping to keep your baby feeling dry ¥ Gentle, wide elastic gives a comfortable fit and helps prevent leaks ¥ Adjustable snaps on the waist, hips and rise keep the fit trim ¥ Front leak guard provides extra protection for boys and tummy sleepers ¥ Envelope pocket opening allows for easier stuffing Buy A Diaper, Give A Diaper. For every diaper your purchase, Simba & Mama will donate one to a newborn baby and mother of Bali, on your behalf. By choosing a Simba & Mama cloth diaper you are caring for your baby's health, being kind to our earth and giving back to a mother and child in need. Simba & Mama thanks you for going cloth and giving a poop! Change your diaper, Change the world. For more detailed information please visit our website. Big Love Mama.

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SimBa & Mama Little Lion Cub Pocket Cloth Diaper (bundle) Groovy One Size ₱ 1,642.00 Galleon