If you are as avid as us in terms of simplicity and minimalism in the things that you use, then Skagen is the answer to all your woes. With heavy emphasis on the watches, the simple-designed watches would catch anyone's eyes. We're sure they caught yours too. Read more below.


Skagen Watches Philippines: Simple Designs for Better Life

Skagen Watches Philippines: Time is in Your Hands

Taking inspiration from a Denmark village of where the North and Baltic Sea meet, Skagen are masters of simplicity and minimalism in their products. One of them is wristwatches and we have to say that the minimalistic designs caught our attention and we are certainly “watching” them closely now.

Skagen Watches are designed and crafted with functionality and minimalism in mind. With deep regards to the principles of contemporary Danish designs, each of the watch is made to last. Without words to say, Skagen Watches speak quality by themselves.

We trust you are aware that time moves inevitably forward and would outlast us biological existences. Skagen Watches are made to be well-aware of this in a way that they are crafted to last the longest possible time. But enough with the science talk, let’s not waste any more time and get to the good Skagen stuff.

Simplicity is the Key to Fulfillment: A Skagen Watch Aim

In general, nobody really likes complication or complexity. Be it relationships, work, or even life itself, simplicity is actually the very key to the fulfillment of life. When your needs and wants are simplified, you begin to be happier with what you have. Skagen Watches aims to embody this school of thought by empowering each of their watches with essence of simplicity and minimalism. They disregard all the additional features modern watches have and simply focus and heavily present the simplicity of a device that you wear on your wrist to tell time.

Skagen Watches branch into 2 main categories; Men’s and Women’s. We are going to briefly go through each of the two to give you an oversight of what Skagen Watches offer you.

Skagen Watches for Men

The watches under the Men category embodies the Danish design aesthetic of “less is more”. The value of these Skagen Watches grows from the exclusion of unnecessary frills and the embrace of more functional details. The results of such designing give way to simple forms, classic color palettes, thin profiles, and understated dial detailing in durable materials. Here are the top features of Skagen Watches for Men:

  • Titanium Mesh
  • Felt
  • Blue Dials
  • Brown Leather Bands
  • Dual Time.

The top styles of this category are the Hagen, Holst, Ancher, and Grenen.

Skagen Watches for Women

Portraying the same aesthetic design as their male counterparts, Skagen Watches for Women focus more on straightforward focus on functionality which includes basic color palettes, beautiful yet durable materials, and thin profile. Here are the best features of a normal Skagen Watch for Women:

  • Steel Mesh
  • Felt
  • Rose Gold Finishing
  • Blue Dials
  • Brown Leather Bands

The top styles of Skagen Watches for Women are Hagen, Anita, Freja, Ancher, Gitte.

We Love the Minimalism of Skagen Watches, You Should Too!

When Skagen was founded in 1989, it had big goals for itself. By 2016, Skagen products are now found in more than 80 countries worldwide and even online. Besides watches you can also get your hands on other Skagen products like jewelry, leather, accessories, and home goods. And you can find most of them right here on iprice!

Happy Shopping!

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