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A guide to purchasing the right shoes with Skechers Philippines

It is crucial for everyone to have a good pair of shoes in their wardrobe. This is because; apart from giving our outfit the authentic shine and glory, they also give us comfort and elegance. Nonetheless, it is important to choose the right footwear as it is a form of accessory for your outfit. It does not only need to be a perfect match but should also be the right fit on your feet. Here’s a guide to purchasing the right shoes.

The right shoe for the right activity

Choose the shoe that suits to your activity. For example, if your daily workout is mainly jogging or walking, it is best to go with running shoes. This is because; they are engineered for heel-to-toe motion. Therefore, the best shoe for this purpose is the Skechers motion control running shoes. It is advisable to opt for running sneakers instead of walking shoes as it caters to a bigger range of foot types as well as made to last longer.

However, you can choose cross-trainers if your workout involves activities such as aerobics, weight training, kickboxing or any other exercises on a hard surface. The Skechers Flex range is the ideal shoes for these activities.

Determine your foot-type

Knowing your foot-type is crucial when it comes to picking a shoe because problems such as runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, and early-onset arthritis are some of the problems when it comes to purchasing the wrong sneakers. On the contrary, shoes that are engineered to compensate for the impact of your feet can greatly prevent injuries and improve structural alignment and performance. Always have a podiatrist assist you to determine your foot-type.

Typically, there are three types of foot-type which are supinator, pronator, and neutral. Supinators’ tend to have feet with a higher arch and rolls outwards. Thus, it is only advisable to look for shoes that have soft midsoles as this type of foot does not offer enough shock absorption. As for those with neutral feet where weight is equally distributed across the foot, should look for shoes with cushioning as well as stability. Nonetheless, this is the foot-type that has the most freedom in terms of footwear choice. On the other hand, pronators’ have feet that roll inward along with flat arches or low arches. So it is important to pick shoes that have a contrast in colour around the arch.

Other important aspects to look out for

There are certain indications when it is time for you to change your shoes. Always keep an eye on the shoe’s midsole which is the cushiony layer between the treads and the mesh upper. Furthermore, if there are deep-set wrinkles around the midsole, it is time to throw it out.

Skechers that you need and must have!

Skechers GOrun

This shoe is specially designed to give you a more genuine running experience, allowing you to perform on practically any type of surface while offering you the benefit of Resalyte cushioning. This shoe features M-Strike technology which fosters a mid-foot strike and GOimpulse for the best sensory feedback. This lightweight shoe takes your running experience to a whole new level.

Skechers GOwalk

Window shopping or athletic walking will never be a pain again with the Skechers GOwalk. It features the GOga Mat technology that has high-rebound cushioning. The GOwalk is designed with the Skechers Performance technology and materials that enhance your walk with the mesh fabric upper in a slip-on technical walking sneaker design.

Skechers GO Flex Walk

The Skechers GO Flex Walk is the shoe that is designed especially for your foot conditions. It’s a shoe that moves with you. It has a knitted upper with the articulated segmented flexible solo design. As it is designed with Skechers Performance Technology and materials, this shoe is perfect for your walk around town, walking a marathon or just any other walking that you do. Moreover, the Skechers GoWalk sneakers have a "squishy" cushioned sole in these shoes which is comfortable enough to go sockless. Moreover, it is made with integrated Ortholist that keeps both your feet and sneakers smell and microbial free. Thus, this gives wearers more reasons to go sockless!

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