People know what facial cleansers are and what moisturizers are. But not many know about the existence of a small (but no less important) step in any facial routine: toners. Click here to learn more about how toners can make a difference to your skincare routine.


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Toner Philippines: Important or to be Chucked Aside?

Everyone knows the importance of good facial cleansers, serums and moisturizes. Unfortunately the one step that most people would overlook is the toner step. Yes, it is costly and it is a hassle to invest in a good toner. But, do you know that using the right toner can bring loads of wonderful benefits for your skin? Among the benefits of using a toner are:

  • Balances skin’s pH level after cleansing
  • Removes excess oil, dirt and traces of makeup from skin
  • Tightens skin and pores
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Some toners have anti-aging benefits
  • Toners made from aloe vera and cucumber are soothing to the skin

Toner Philippines: The Many Faces Of The Toner

While toners is a general term, there are various kinds of toners that have been created to treat certain skin problems, just like how you can find different facial cleansers for whitening or for deep cleansing. Here is a list of 3 types that toners can be generally divided into:

  • Alcohol-based
    • Sometimes includes astringent ingredients like witch hazel (which is not recommended for people with sensitive and/or acne-prone skin)
    • Great for people who have oily or acne-prone skin as alcohol can reduce oil on skin and kill bacteria
    • Not recommended for people with sensitive and/or dry skin
  • Water and glycerin or glycol-based
    • Sometimes contains fragrant extracts of flowers or citrus
    • These toners are not recommended for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin as they are the most common causes of reactions that could damage your skin
  • Water-based
    • The most beneficial among the 3 types of toners
    • Contains antioxidants and other ingredients that are great for your skin

Toner Philippines: Toner 101

Now that you have the tips on how to choose a toner, how about learning how to use one?

Toners can be used at any given time. But the best time to use a toner is just after cleansing your face as your skin as it would prepare your skin to receive the full benefits of the serums, creams and lotions that you are going to apply.

  1. Firstly, make sure your face is dry before applying your toner.
  2. Use a clean cotton ball or a facial tissue or a cotton pad when applying the toner to your face.
  3. Start by swiping across your t-zone (forehead and nose) before brushing it onto other areas of your face.
  4. Wait for your toner to dry before applying any other products.

If you are using a creamy type of toner, you can use your fingers instead.

  1. Make sure to start with your cheeks instead of your t-zone .
  2. Make sure to lightly massage in the toner
  3. Concentrate on the driest parts of your face while only lightly covering your t-zone.

Toner Philippines: Enhance Your Skincare Routine

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