Nail art is taking the world by storm. From simple nail colors and patterns to outrageous designs, nail art is making a huge impact on fashion and pop culture. Check out the best nail art accessories in Philippines or read more about nail art accessories below.

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Nail Art Accessories for a Gorgeous Nails

For centuries, men and women have been fascinated by nail art. From wearing different colors, patterns, and finishes to embellishing them with crystals, nail art has a whole new take on aesthetics. While nail art is purely decorative with no function whatsoever, it is definitely an accessory you would want to have.

Whether you love to DIY your nails or have it done at your local nail salon, below are some nail art accessories that you must have for gorgeous-looking nails.

Rhinestones and beads

One of the most popular nail art accessories today, rhinestones and beads add texture and design to your nails. Rhinestones resemble diamonds and other precious gems and are often made from either crystal glass or acrylic. Beads, on the other hand, can be made from wood or plastic.

Nail Art Stickers

For more intricate patterns, stickers are usually preferred. Nail stickers are not your ordinary stationeries that you stick on paper, these are top-quality plastic stickers with waterproof adhesives. These stickers are used to emulate nail polish without exposing your nails to harmful chemicals on nail polish, nail polish removers, and other forms of chemicals used in nail art.

Nail Art Brush

Like a painting, nail art uses your nails as a canvas for fabulous art. And, like paintings, a myriad of brushes are needed to create different designs. Below are different types of nail art brushes.

  • Round brush - for creating stroke patterns.
  • Liner brush - for creating stripes and long lines.
  • Flat brush - also called a shader brush for long fluid strokes.
  • Angled brush - for creating floral motifs on nails.
  • Fan brush - helps with shading, for sprinkling glitter, and stroke effects.
  • Detailing brush - for adding fine details to your design.
  • Dotter - for creating small dotted effects.

Nail Glue

If you love to wear gel or acrylic fake nails, then a nail glue is definitely a must-have. It safely attaches your faux nails without damaging your real nails. Aside from that, nail glue also enables you to decorate your nails with rhinestones, beads, and other accessories. Nail glue can vary in thickness, hold, and how fast it dries so always choose one that would suit your nail art style.

Fake Nails

If you love nail art, then fake nails are a must-have. There are different types of fake nails such as gel, acrylic, and even silk-wrap, and sculptured nails. Having fake nails enables you to create nail art regardless of how long your natural nails are, plus it would help protect your real nails from all the chemical abuse from nail polish, nail polish removers, and other nail art accessories.

Nail Polish Removers

At the end of the day, nail art comes off; and you better have a nail polish remover when that time comes. Acetone is mostly used to efficiently remove nail polish and nail art, however, it has a chemical smell that can put off some people. There are also other chemicals used as nail polish removers such as ethyl acetate, and even isopropyl alcohol.

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