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Nail polish is not just a decoration for your fingernails but also a great compliment to your fashion sense. Beautify your hands with the best nail polish right here on iprice.

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Buy nail polish at great prices online with iPrice Philippines

With the convenience of online shopping, you can now shop for nail polish at the comfort at your home. Unlike other fashion items that may be a bit harder to choose over the computer screen, you can easily select your favourite nail polish without any concern over size or whether it suits your style or not.

Read here to understand more about nail polish.

iPrice Philippines - Nail polish – A woman’s best friend

Did you know that people started wearing nail polish since the era of Egyptian’s Pharaohs and Indian women actually dyed their nails permanently using henna in 5000 B.C? The seductive look of the coloured nails is irresistible. Not only does it enhance the elegance of your hands or feet, nail polish also helps to cover the imperfections of your nails as well as protect and strengthen them.

A well-manicured hand always leaves good impression on your first date or at a social event. So let’s “polish” up your vanity desk with more variety of nail lacquer from iprice.

iPrice Philippines - Types of nail polish textures and finishes

Nail polish to your hands is just as fantastic as eye shadow is to your eyes. The best nail colour is one that reflects your sense of style but one does not simply have just one nail lacquer in their collection. So the best way to find the best adornment to your fingers and toes is to understand the different types of nail finishes as below.

Crème is probably the most commonly used nail polish as it suits all styles and nail conditions. This type of finish is just simply perfect with solid colour for an elegant look. It also makes a flawless base for your nail arts.
Chrome or Metallic
If you are attending a party, wearing a metallic finish nail polish will give you that attention stealer look. Metallic works best on edgy clothing style while formal attire is a big no no.
Having the same fabulous effect as metallic nail lacquer, glitter style is also suitable for parties. Just a small note, since glitter can be way too extravagant to be applied on all fingernails, most people would prefer to pain on only the ring finger in combination of a solid colour tone for the rest. Plus, you wouldn’t want to waste your entire nail polish remover to remove the glitter.
The matte game is strong in these recent years as it is not only seen on lipstick but also a huge trend among nail art junkies. It will give your nails a cleaner finish as well as sophisticated for formal style.
If you like a little sparkle on your nails under the sun but not too flashy, holographic is definitely the number choice. Holographic finish is effortlessly splendid to pair with a total chic outfit that will up your style game instantly. The best thing about holographic is that it is steroid so removing it is not as “painful” as glitter.
The simplicity of crème when mixed with a bit of sparkling dust will create the fabulous shimmer nail finish. This type of nail polish is not only elegant but also extra stylist for those who want to create a luxurious look on their hands.
Suede is like shimmer, except having the matte effect. It offers that gloriousness that you need on a solid matte colour base for a less dramatic look. While it is best to wear for grand occasions like wedding and evening party, suede finish works perfectly fine for office formal attire too.

iPrice Philippines - Tips to master the art of nail painting

  1. Don’t go for more than 3 strokes unless you want to add a fake look to your nails.
  2. Before applying any nail polish finish, a base coat is always a must. It will create a finer surface for a clean look as well as keep your nail polish last longer.
  3. To avoid nasty mess around your nail, consider investing in a special glue that is used to cover around your nail to avoid excessive nail polish on your skin.
  4. Instead of using quick-dry nail polish, you can make your life easier just by dipping your newly painted nails in ice water bucket and voila!, you’re good to go!
  5. It doesn’t matter what style that you own, having a well-manicured hand is essential to present yourself in the best way possible. So get the perfect nail polish and paint your nails in style now!

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