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iPrice Philippines - Hand Soaps : Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Without a single doubt, the hand soap is one of the most overlooked essential products at all times. Despite its obvious potential in preventing the diseases as well as blocking their spread, a study shows that 1 in 5 people do not wash their hands and only 30% actually use soap in washing their hands. Even then, only 5% are actually washing their hands more thoroughly. This highlights that most people simply did not place much importance in cleaning their hands well because washing hands thoroughly can easily prevent the spread of most illnesses.

More often than not, it has been said that such unhygienic act of not washing your hands regularly and properly causes many diseases to spread easily through hands, not to mention some of most fatal diseases are spread through this way. Many did not realize that such simple act is the best solution in tackling the spread of diseases as you do not have to spend a lot of money when you fall sick. Hence, you should wash your hands whenever possible so that you can live a healthier life.

iPrice Philippines - The Power Of Handwashing

As mentioned earlier, most of us remain ignorant when it comes to washing our hands regularly and properly. While we are often terrified of the outbreak of diseases around the world, it is surprising that we do not give even a little thought in handwashing. This is because we always underestimate about the presence of germs that flourish on our hands despite out clean-looking hands. When you wash your hands with both hand soap and clean running water, you may not notice the difference at first but you will be able to recognize it when you feel healthier and will not be able to fall sick easily.

The truth is that germs come into contact with our hands from a variety of ways. While the obvious way will be after you use the toilet, another overlooked way is when we touch any object that is contaminated with germs, especially when other people touch them with their contaminated hands. Not only that, the germs can also come from contaminated water and food as well as droplets released from cough and sneezing.

Little did we realize that the risk of contamination is literally everywhere and handwashing can help prevent the spread of diseases. Being the first of defense against the spread of infectious diseases, you can eliminate those pesky germs by washing your hands with the humble hand soap. In fact, handwashing is being described as DIY vaccination that anyone can adopt as a good habit in making sure that the hands are free from lurking germs. Do you know that germs also love to gather in your sweaty palms? This is another reason of why you should wash your hands regularly to make them clean as well as eliminating that bad smell that comes from your hands.

iPrice Philippines - Top Hand Soap Brands That Do Its Works

Bath & Body Works
For over 20 years, Bath & Body Works creates numerous great personal care products that everyone loves. Thanks to its dedication, you will find that even its hand soaps are diverse and all of them can carry the task of cleaning your hands well.
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day
When her daughter was disgusted with the awful smell that came from the cleaning aisle, Mrs Meyers was inspired to create household products that only uses natural ingredients instead of the harsh and stinky chemicals that are prevalent in most commercial brands these days. Being regarded as practical and homely, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day hand soaps are definitely the better way in cleaning your hands and make them smell good as they are chemical-free.

iPrice Philippines - Take The First Step Towards Personal Hygiene

Despite boasting better knowledge and technology in eradicating most diseases, the germs are getting stronger as their resistance to antibiotics simply mean that it will be very difficult to eliminate them. A simple act of washing your hands properly will ensure a significant reduction of the infectious diseases that can be spread via hands. In addition, you can even most prevent most diseases from infecting yourself and others as well. As such, washing your hands with a good hand soap is essential in removing any hidden germs that are lurking in your hands. Getting a hand sanitizer is another handy option that ensures that your hands are fresh and clean at all times.