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Smart Smart Fit Me Women's High Waisted Thong Shapewear Tummy Control Panties (Nude, M)
₱ 922.00
If you're tired of having beautiful clothes that never see the light of day because you're self-conscious about your tummy, then this thong shapewear is the answer. Combining sheer comfort with an elasticity that will gently squeeze embarrassing belly fat into submission, these panties will give you that coveted hourglass figure. Adore that cute top but afraid of your muffin top? The smoothing effect of this thong shapewear will give you the flexibility to wear your favorite outfits. The seamless fabrication of the waistband on this thong shapewear means you can flaunt your toned appearance beneath the tightest clothes and no one will know the secret to your sexy figure. These slimming panties go to work on that frustrating midsection, flattening your tummy and reducing the appearance of love handles, creating a slimmed-down, ready-to-hit-the-town look. Order your thong shapewear today and rescue your favorite clothes from the doldrums of disuse. Resuscitate your self-confidence with the seductive shape and flexibility these panties give.
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Smart Girl Letter Printing Casual Hoodies In Green
₱ 431.00
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Smart Smart Glove - Touch Glove For Smartphone - Pink
₱ 559.00
Thanks to the special conductive material discreetly woven into the forefinger, middle finger and thumb tips of these stylish gloves, you can keep your fingers toasty and activate your touchscreen devices at the same time! Attempting to use a touchscreen device when you're wearing gloves is a little like trying to cross-stitch while wearing oven gloves, i.e. almost impossible. In the past you had to choose between frozen fingers and a workable device or cosy mitts and an unworkable gizmo... but not anymore! Thanks to the development of the iTouch gloves, you can keep warm while scrolling through your emails, sending a text, beating your high score on Bejewelled and generally maxing out on touchscreen goodness in the open air! iTouch gloves are super soft and work with most touchscreen devices, including the iPhone and the iPad. And you can rest assured they won't damage your prize gadgets; the special material woven into the fingertips is designed to be conductive without scratching or damaging your touchscreen in any way. Special conductive material interwoven into fingertips allows wearer to use touchscreen devices whilst wearing the gloves (finger tips = 5% epitropic fibre; black material = 90% acrylic and 5% spandex) Compatible with capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPad and iPhone Will not scratch or damage your screen Hand wash in cool water only. Reshape whilst damp One size
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*Prices updated on 20 Sep 2017

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