Despite the stiff competition in the smartphone market, Sony is still at the top of their game. This is because many consumers find their flagship phones impressive, especially those under the Xperia series. Find out why Sony phones from the Xperia line are preferred by many smartphone lovers all over the world.


Top Sony Xperia Price List 2019

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Sony Xperia XA1 ₱ 12,221.00 Lazada
Sony Xperia Z5 ₱ 19,319.00 Galleon
Sony Xperia XA ₱ 8,133.00 Galleon
Sony Xperia Z ₱ 5,449.00 Lazada
Sony Xperia XZ3 ₱ 34,490.00 Lazada
Sony Xperia Z3 ₱ 6,999.00 Lazada
Sony Xperia XZ2 ₱ 25,990.00 Lazada
Sony Xperia Z1 ₱ 4,299.00 Lazada
Sony Xperia XA Ultra ₱ 14,798.00 Galleon
Sony Xperia XZ ₱ 27,619.00 Galleon
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Sony Xperia XA1

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Reasons Why You Should Buy Sony Phones from the Xperia Series

Sony is one of the biggest tech behemoths in the market. From gaming to multimedia to consumer electronics, they are renowned for manufacturing various electronic devices that will always deliver quality and seamless experience above all. They also never fall behind when it comes to mobile devices. Their line of flagship smartphones – the Sony Xperia offers quality phones and tablets that are a popular choice among consumers all across the globe. Here are reasons why this line of smartphones is sought-after by many.

Top-Notch Design

The Sony Xperia series boasts quality materials and craftsmanship in manufacturing their smartphones. For instance, the back of the Xperia XZ is made from a high-quality metal which makes it shiny and bright. Also, most Sony phones from Xperia line often have rounded and polished edges, making them nice to the touch and elegant to look at. Plus, they have a loop or seamless surface, providing a neat and pure look and a smooth exterior that will sit nicely in your hand. In terms of app and UI design, the Xperia Series is up to the mark. They exhibit a seamless look and elegant feel. Apart from their smooth exterior, their unified UI design makes them intuitive to use. Not to mention, all Xperia phones have vibrant colors, simple icons, and top-notch graphics that complement well with the physical design of the mobile phones.

Impressive Camera

Today’s Xperia smartphone models sport a triple image sensing technology that captures colors and movements at high speeds. Along with a quick and precise autofocus, taking images of fast moving objects are always delivered with impressive sharpness and detail. The technology also analyses and adapts in low or really bright light conditions, allowing the user to capture photos with ease in such challenging settings. The Xperia series also hosts cutting-edge photography technology that allows you to take remarkable shots with less noise.

Seamless and Quick Performance

Most Sony phones from the Xperia range are loaded with the best processors like Qualcomm and Mediatek. No wonder these devices are recommended for watching HD videos and playing graphically intensive games. Also, these top-notch processors provide seamless connectivity, quality graphics, impressive photography, and efficient power and battery. In terms of browsing and streaming, the Xperia series boast a glitch-free and ultra-fast frame rates that allow you to do such multimedia activities seamlessly and quickly. In addition, Sony integrates a Smart Cleaner technology in all Xperia devices in order to shut down any idle apps and clear the cache. This allows your device to perform at a top speed.

Crystal-Clear Sound

Sony is renowned for its sound technology and equipment like the WALKMAN. They also apply their state-of-the-art audio technology in Xperia devices. With Xperia phones, you will hear high-resolution audio as you listen to your favorite tracks that are almost similar in clarity as their original recordings. It’s like listening to your favorite artist in a recording studio. When it comes to audio and hi-fi accessories for Xperia phones like speakers and headsets, you won’t hear any drop in sound quality. You are guaranteed crystal-clear audio when listening to music. Xperia headphones also cancel outside noise with their noise-canceling technology, allowing you to enjoy the music without being disturbed.