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Sperry is a well known brand of shoes most especially for men in the Philippines. The design, quality and comfort that it caters to the footwear are highly sought after by most men in the Philippines. Their shoes might be a little pricey but the overall experience that their shoes offer is worth every penny. Know more about why Sprerry shoes for men are highly preferred, click right here!

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iPrice Philippines - Sperry Top-Sider: Tradition Of Elegant Functionality And Premium Style

Comfortable, fashionable, and versatile – that’s how they describe when they hear the brand Sperry top-siders. Sperry can be found in different areas of particular countries; this was founded by Paul Sperry in 1935. In addition, this is a subsidiary of Wolverine World Wide Incorporation and the current president of this brand is Mr. Craig L. Reingold. Sperry is proud to say that their company was the one who made the first world’s boat shoes. Sperry offers these top-standard and timeless shoes for men and women at a price that is well-worth every peso.

Natural Resources Used by Sperry Philippines

Did you know that their materials come from natural resources? Yes, you read it right – Sperry Top-Sider’s leather comes from animal hides that have been revealed from tanning. Same as the leather, rawhide in laces also came from animal hides. Also, they used materials that came from animals, like deer. The lining of the boat shoes came from deer’s skin. Unbelievable, right? So if you want highly durable footwear, don’t think twice – grab a pair and use it in a long span of time. Find the latest Sperry shoes and watches for men and women through your favorite online shopping website.

iPrice Philippines - Why choose Sperry?

  • For casual daily outfit
  • A very simple yet classy shoe style that can go along trendy fashion
  • Durability wise is definitely in
  • Sperry used high quality, natural, and unique materials
  • A masterpiece of luxury
  • Lightweight, very comfortable to wear
  • This brand is recognize internationally

iPrice Philippines - Boat Shoes

  • Overview: Mention the name Sperry anytime and the first thing anyone can think of are boat shoes. This brand popularized the type of footwear, needed for walking on wet decks and boats. The Sperry Topsiders pioneered and popularized this type of shoes, that are now in the casual trend.
  • Variants: The Sperry Topsiders are categorized as for men or for women. Each pair of boat shoes are handcrafted, which gives each a small degree of difference in overall design. You can select a variety of shoes, based on color and material used.

iPrice Philippines - Sperry Sneakers

  • Overview: Sperry isn’t one to be left out of modern shoes. The brand’s sneakers still fit the newer standards, incorporating their trademarked knots to add more exclusivity with their laced sneakers. The brand makes use of the same materials for their casual shoes.
  • Variants: The brand’s sneakers come in as laced and lace-less brands. The two types of shoes use either rubber, leather, or fabric, in stitching their footwear, then marketing them in various colors, patterns, and other creative designs.

iPrice Philippines - Flip-flops and Sandals

  • Overview: Another debunked myth – Sperry also makes exclusive footwear for women. The Sperry sandals and flip-flops are very far from leisure use, still exuding high-class design and build even as a casual wear. The brand’s sandals for can bring any wearer’s confidence up.
  • Variants: The variety of footwear under this collection is massive, encompassing formal sandals, to casual slip-ons, to high-heel wedges. Help your friends choose with the variety of forms and design.