Spyder helmets are some of the best motorcycle gear in the Philippines, sought after for their durability and quality materials. Browse the latest Spyder motorcycle gear or find out more about Spyder helmets below.


Spyder Helmet FAQs: Spyder Helmet Availability, and More!

Which helmet is safe?

The full-face helmets from Spyder Philippines offer the most protection around your head and neck. They are considered the safest type of motorcycle helmet to protect you against the elements and potential impact. A distinguishing feature of full-face helmets is the chin bar that is the key safety feature that many helmets lack.

Spyder Philippines: How to Choose a Helmet Style

Spyder Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets from Spyder Philippines enclose the rider’s head. They come with a face shield that protects the nose and eyes, as well as a chin bar, an extension of the shell, that covers the bottom of your face. Note that full-face helmets are the least ventilated, but they are the most protective against the elements and potential impacts. They are also the quietest type of helmet available. Opt for a Spyder full-face helmet if you aspire to take your gear to the track.

Spyder Modular Helmets

Spyder modular helmets are similar to full-face helmets. They have a hinged mechanism that swings the chin bar and face shield out of the way in case you hit the release, quickly transforming the full face helmet into an open-face one. This modularity is how this helmet got its name. Spyder modular helmets let you choose between the benefits of both open face and full-face helmets, all in one.

Spyder ADV Helmets

Consider a Spyder ADV helmet if your rides take you on- and off-road. Spyder ADV helmets come with a face shield with a street-legal safety rating, making them ideal for use on the streets. They also work like dirt helmets with a peak - a bill on a cap over the eyes - that offer enough ventilation and compatibility for goggles. However, along with their hybrid nature comes to some compromises. Nevertheless, Spyder ADV helmets are the best option if your adventures include street and trail terrains. Not only are they the best helmets for ADV riders, but also for dual-sport riders.

Spyder Dirt Helmets

Spyder dirt helmets are made exclusively for off-road riding. Keep in mind that these helmets might not be street-legal, as they do not require a Department of Transportation (DOT) rating. What’s great about Spyder dirt helmets is that they feature plenty of airflows, with a large peak to keep roost out of the rider’s eyes. They’re better worn with goggles. Spyder dirt helmets are lightweight, although they lack face shields and other comforts. If you are going to be riding on the street, it’s best to look for something else, as dirt helmets are designed for off-road riding.