Often associated with the word "epic", Square Enix is definitely not a stranger in the world of immersive gaming that make you play for endless hours. Read more about Square Enix Philippines here.

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SquareEnix Philippines - Your Gateway To Epic Adventure

Famous for its iconic role-playing games such as the highly popular Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest series, Square Enix is one of the leading game developer and publisher that continues to take the world by storm. Going beyond expectations, Square Enix has been recognized to be one of the top contributors to the gaming world. Its popularity is due to its masterful ways of storytelling that is associated with epic adventures as well as its unforgettable characters and immersive gaming experience. Needless to say, Square Enix holds a special place in the hearts of many people around the world as some of its games have sold over millions of copies around the world. Even now, its older games from the past are still being played with much enthusiasm.

Like the games that it developed and published, Square Enix continues to lead the world of gaming with its own unique brand of creativity that brings fresh offerings to gaming experience. Those who are seeking for an epic adventure of a lifetime will find Square Enix to be as fascinating as they would with its games. The future of epic gaming experience has never been brighter with Square Enix as your gateway to captivating world of passion and adventure.

About SquareEnix Philippines & How It Becomes A True Legend

The immensely powerful video game company such as Square Enix is actually the result of the successful merger between Square Co Ltd and Enix Corporation, both legendary video game companies in their own right. Such game-changing moment happened on 1st April 2003 as it paved the way for even greater successes in the future. Since its inception, Square Enix would go on acquiring several important companies as well as producing more popular games that further cement its reputations as one of the true video game legends of all time. In fact, Square Enix has been growing from strength to strength as it expands into many areas of the new digital world. Talking about acquiring new companies under its fold, among incredible video game companies that joined are Eidos and Taito. As it inherits many awesome games from its own and subsidiaries, Square Enix will emerge as a legend among legends as it continues to push the boundaries of creativity in the world of gaming.

Square Co Ltd
Before the merger, Square Co Ltd was the one that developed and launched many legendary games such as Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, Romancing SaGa, Chrono Trigger, Xenogear, Kingdom Hearts and many more, not to mention the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy as well. Previously, Square Co Ltd was just a computer game division of Den-Yu-Sha which was just a power line construction company in 1983. However, Square Co Ltd took the bold move of being an independent company and entered into the new video game console market despite its initial reluctance. While suffering several setbacks due to unsuccessful games, Square Co Ltd eventually released its first Final Fantasy game in 1987. It release has been marked as phenomenal as it eventually emerged as one of the successful game series of all time.
Enix Corporation
While the histroy referred Enix as one of the most successful video game companies of all time, few recognized that it was once a company that published real estate advertisements in the form of tabloids. However, the emerging gaming market soon drew its attention as Enix launched its first PC games such as Love Match Tennis and Door Door. As Enix found its passion in developing several games for the Japanese market, it subsequently developed and released the Dragon Quest series in 1986. It proved to be its most successful game series in its history. In fact, it proved to be so successful that it went on to be one of the most popular games in Japan. Even after its merger, it still stood as one of the most prized possessions. Aside from its iconic Dragon Quest series, Enix also published amazing games such as ActRaiser, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Robotrek, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and Robot Alchemic Drive.

SquareEnix Philippines - There Is No Final To Fantasy

When you put two successful video game companies into one, it is obvious that you will be expecting endless waltz of epicness. Such concentration of talent and creativity will undoubtedly unleash a massive storm of awesomeness. Without the shadow of doubt, it is certain that there is just no end to the fantastic magic spells that Square Enix casts into the world, filling it with magic and adventure at the same time. More than just producing games, Square Enix also releases albums, movies, merchandises and manga as well so that you can fully immerse and explore the rich universe of its games.

Top SquareEnix Philippines Products That Everyone Wants

Final Fantasy
Since the first Final Fantasy game in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has continued to captivate millions of people around the world as well as spawning several spin-offs and other mini-series. Successive reiterations of the Final Fantasy series have been praised for pioneering countless innovations that help to shape the gaming experience as well as the definition of role-playing games themselves. From the carefully crafted art, visual and music to the immersive worldbuilding and gaming experience, Final Fantasy is successful in bringing rich narrative into the believable popular imagination.
Kingdom Hearts
This series seems to be a crossover that everyone has been dreaming, wishing and talking about. Thanks to strong support between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios, Kingdom Hearts has became reality and fans from both different dimensions are extremely ecstatic about such wonderful collaboration. What will happen when you merge the characters from both Disney and Final Fantasy worlds into the same shared universe? In addition, Kingdom Hearts also boasts its own unique characters that prove as equally awesome as well. As you dive into the universe of Kingdom Hearts, you will enter the shoes of Sora as your search for your lost friends has unwittingly brought to meet other familiar characters from both Disney and Final Fantasy worlds.
Dragon Quest
Before Final Fantasy, there was Dragon Quest that inspired the development and launching of the immensely popular Final Fantasy in the first place. In the world of Dragon Quest, you will be the main hero who embarks on the epic journey to purge the evil in the known land along with your party. Level up, battle monsters and purchase better equipment as you journey from town to town in this quest to protect and save the world from the darkness that seeks to consume it.
Deus Ex
Enter the dystopian future of Deus Ex as you brave through the challenges of world crises that are too familiar and too close to home: terrorism, financial meltdown, dangerous plagues, devastating environmental disasters, transhumanism and the lists are just endless. In every Deus Ex game, you are the augmented individual that has been given with the freedom of making your own choices whether to complete the game in a violent or peaceful or a mix of both; the choice is entirely yours. Your actions will determine who you are and determine the future of the human race. Explore in this grim and gritty reality while being stalked by interested global conspiracies that seek to recruit you into their own causes or eliminate you when you do not want to heed their calls.

Truly Fantastic Experience With SquareEnix Philippines

Millions of live have fallen in love with many popular games that are published and released by Square Enix. If you are ready for the epic journey that will last a lifetime, take a plunge into the world of Square Enix gaming for the latest Square Enix games that will make you weep with joy! Thanks to these great games, you do not have the time to think about sleeping!